Best of Weekly Electro (10 Tracks!)



The Republican National Convention is behind us, and while I know many of you are busy talking to empty chairs, some of you out there are in need of new music. Here to answer your needs are Glitch and Uncle Flex of the music filter party, valiantly representing the district of's Music Filter.

Quick music news: this past week Electric Zoo took place in New York. If you weren’t able to make it, check out streams, videos, and downloads here, including sets from David Guetta, Pretty Lights, and Hardwell.



Steve Aoki - The Kids Will Have Their Say (Bassnectar Remix)

No Steve Aoki track can be complete without a little screaming. This one is remixed by Bassnectar.


Drop The Lime - Darkness (Busy P Remix)

Ed Banger always delivers (well except for that last Justice album and you Americans it's pronounced Just-eese!)...the French boys have been a little quiet it seems...but we like this noisy new track. 


Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers

In case you hadn't already seen the epic video.  Also check out our special piece and vids here that will catch you up with the on going feud and war about to break out between Deadmau5 and A-Trak (plus rare footage of A-Trak DJing at sweet 15). 


The Loops of Fury - Don't Stop (Felix Cartal Remix)

Loops of Fury sound like a let down of a carnival ride. However, this track is pretty nifty.


Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade - Trap For Me (Van Toth Remix)

Interesting mix here from Van Toth...


Bright Light Bright Light - Feel It 

We love Bright Light Bright Light.  Or also known as BrightLightx2.  Dude could have just been called Bright Light...but whatevs.  This is a more 90s house meets 2012 piece with some nice soul vocals a break from the bangers.


Daft Punk - Robot Rock

Just a little break here with a classic video by the best electro meisters in the world...and my favorite Daft Punk song “Robot Rock” which is pretty much a note for note lift of Breakwater’s Release The Beast.  Here that sample here.



As most of you know, Uncle Flex loves house music. Not prog house, not electro house, just house, complete with big walking bass lines, simple beats, and something funky to fill to it out.

J Paul Getto - B.M.F. / Keep It Raw

Two new tracks by the Getto men, both offer something wonderful.


N'Joy - Get Into My Soul (Original Mix) - Snippet

More house music, though this one is just a snippet.


Tiam Wills - Hardiscount (Alec Carlsson Remix)

More on the chill house side, this groove is available for download, along with a few other remixes.


Eriq Johnson - Another World (Volties remix)

Cool new remix. It’s pretty simplistic and poppy, but fun nonetheless.  Thanks Eriq for giving us this hot club anthem!

That’s it for this weeks top dance songs. Can’t get enough candy? Keep checking back for more great finds from our curators, sign up for the newsletter, or become a curator yourself!


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