Best of Indie - Week 22 2012


Happy post Memorial Day y’all! (for those of you in the U.S.). As per usual, we spent all our free time this week sorting through the crap on the internet to bring you the most fantastical Latest Music Tracks around!

We have a lot of tunage to throw at you, some new goodies from indie faves SBTRKT and Hot Chip, a Hank Williams cover, (I’m a sucker for a good cover song! Or a bad one... Any cover song, really.) and some shiz you’ve never heard before! So let’s get right down to it.


SBTRKT - Gamelena

SBTRKT was my favorite set at Coachella this year, BY FAR, so of course I’m pumped that they’re already working on new stuff! But can someone tell me what a Gamelena is?


No Joy - Junior


Here’s something a little bit noisy and a little bit pop for ya. I guess we could call it noise-pop and be done with it. If you’re into this, look out for their EP, it’s coming June 19th from the label Mexican Summer! Cuz who wouldn’t like to be in Mexico this summer?


Ramblin' Man (cover) - Au Ras Au Ras

Au Ras Au Ras, one of our favorite new finds, are hitting us with a rad lo-fi cover of Hank Williams’ “Ramblin Man” this week. Let this one sooth your epic hangover tomorrow.


Gold & Youth - Time To Kill

Gold and Youth is a new project out on Arts & Crafts label, who are ALSO killing it with one of our recent favorites The Trust! Click here for some Trust goodness.


Hot Bodies in Motion - That Darkness

Some sexy, Seattle-based “baby-makin’ mammal funk,” (their words) in the vein of the Black Keys. His voice is sexuallll. Yum. 

Expect some new music from these lads in the fall.


Aquarius Heaven - Universe

Allrite fine, this song came out last year, but it’s new to me, and the new EP is coming sooon! (sensing a theme here?) SBTRKT fans will be into this. Weird half-rapped, half-sung vocals over a HOT AS HELL beat. Put on your dancin’ shoes, hipsters.


Hot Chip - Night and Day

We got a new song from those Brits, Hot Chip. Which must mean a new album is on the way! I’m not sold on the song yet, but the video is AMAZINGLY weird. Definitely a must watch.


Jessie Ware - 110%


And we’’ll finish up with Jessie Ware. This lovely South Londoner is quickly becoming a bloggie fave. She’s worked with SBTRKT and Joker, and is now in the studio recording her debut! Her soulful vocals work perfectly over this jittery beat maxed out with a pitched down vocal sample. Tis a bit Robyn-esque at times. Love love love. Note: she may be a lady singer, but this one is not just for the ladies to enjoy.

Well citizens, that’s all the Latest Music Tracks we got for you this week! Now get out there and enjoy your frickin holiday. Just return to us when you’re done. We miss you when you’re gone. For reals.

Do you have a track that belongs in this column next week? Or just want to say hi? I do have twitter, you know… 


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