Best of Weekly Indie - Week 33 (10 New Favs) 2012



Guys, summer’s coming to an end, and we here at LA Music Blog are mildly freaking out. But it’s alright, let’s not think about that now! Big Black Delta, Rustie, Jessie Ware, Wavves, BADBADNOTGOOD, and Charli XCX are here to save the day! Plus Ellie Goulding, Saint Saviour and Polica. Allrite, I have to get my drugs and outfit in order for Outside Lands today. Stevie Wonder, y’all! Just scroll down and get to it already.



This track starts off with a bunch of noise and evolves into a catchy mash-up of The Mars Volta and Interpol. Me like.


Big Black Delta - "The Zebrah"

If you liked the above, this is the same band. You’ll probably like it. Unless you have a split personality. In that case, I can’t help you.


Rustie - "After Light" [ft. AlunaGeorge]

Rustie...don't forget 6 years ago I came to Glasgow and sat in your apartment (with a mattress on the floor and about 100 empty beer cans).  I knew you were the dealio.  

Charli XCX - “You’re the One (Odd Future’s The Internet Ft. Mike G Remix)”

The Internet remixed Brit It Chick Charli XCX and added a verse from Mike G. Who knew this would work so well? This one gets a big ass stamp of approval.


Ellie Goulding - “Anything Could Happen”

I don’t think this Brit It Chick has to worry about the sophomore slump judging by this single.


Wavves - “Hippies is Punks”

Wavves could shit on a record and I would still love it. Thankfully, this song sounds better than that.



Jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD covering TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke and Lunice.) Super meta. Super Bass.


Saint Saviour - "Deep River" (trad)

As their Soundcloud says, “This IS a hymn.” Gorgeous, and ethereal.


Polica - "Amongster (Exitmusic Remix)"

I think I like the original more, but y’all might wanna boogie to this. In the bed. Naked.


Jessie Ware - “Sweet Talk”

I can’t wait for Jessie’s album to come out on the 20th. This single only made me more excited!


Did you guys hate all those? I did. Just kidding. I hope you liked at least half. LA Music Blog BitCandy love you. See you next week! Get at me!


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