Best of the Week PopKiller (10 + New Tracks)



We’re starting this post of PopKiller Week 22 from BitCandy's LA music blog with a brilliant example of what our version of pop music is NOT.  Enter Kat Graham from “Vampire Diaries.”   It used to be that the music business laughed and shunned you if you were an actor and tried to do a music project.  But now, along with autotuned reality tv stars (and American Idol, The Voice, X Factor...anyone else?) it’s become the norm.  


But this is not music.  This is not what great pop music is about.  Great pop music can be edgy, intelligent, poetic (just check out “The Chaeuffer” by Simon LeBon) and forward thinking.   But that’s not what Perez Hilton (“manager”) and Octone Records (home of Maroon 5) were thinking when they signed and try to fake making some “music” with Kat Graham.   I can hear the logic...Hey, She’s famous...THIS WILL SELL!   We’ll be rich!  


Wrong, dummies!  


So, before we get to our 10 killer pop tracks...yes called “POPKILLER”...let’s see why Perez Hilton should exit the music business immediately (remember he’s had his own label for 5 years that has produced less than zero).  


Kat Graham - Live on Ellen 


Actually I’m happy for Kat Graham.  Because it’s shit like this and the endless trash the music business produces and tries to shove down our throats which made me start BitCandy!!

Anyway...I’m done ranting!!  (did you like it...than FB like it, lover!) :)   Now for some great edgy pop killer!!!!


Ladyhawke - Sunday Drive


New album just released this week!  Got it loaded in my Spotify queue can’t wait to check it.  Another great remix here from Scissor Sisters that Ladyhawke just posted 




Travis Porter - Wobble (Prod. Diplo & DJA)


1st listen = Haterville.  2nd listen = ...meh.  3rd listen = hmm maybe could be a hit?



Gotye   Eyes Wide Open 


The next single from Sting's son, Gotye (just kidding it's not Sting's son.   Sting does have a hit out on Gotye from what we hear.  



Tyga - Make it Nasty


My kind of song.  How come the parties i go to never look like this? 



Tripple Nippes - LSD


This is a fucking CRAZY girl group project from Tokyo.  The video is even crazier.  We just posted this here and was discovered by one of our top Curators, Claire Dallas (HINT: you can become a Curator...check how it works here)



Santigold - The Keepers (Duke Dumont Remix)


Nicely played Duke Dumont.  Nicely played.



Free Energy - Electric Fever


Yeah, they posted it a little while ago but we didn’t write about it yet.  New song from one of our favorite alternative pop classic rock artists Free Energy.   Nicolas Tesla...this song is for you!   No label on deck yet for the next Free Energy album...wonder who it will be. 



Laidback Luke feat. Martel - We Are The Stars (Preview)


Starting to warm up this Danish man.  



Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso - Calling 'Lose My Mind' featuring Ryan Tedder


Will probably be engrained in every EDM DJ’s playlist for the summer.  Speaking of Ryan Tedder who wrote "Bleeding Love" you know it was apparently originally intended for Leona Lewis? 



Calvin Harris - Let's Go feat. Ne-Yo 


Warming up to this one. 



And there you have it for this week’s latest installment of PopKiller from LA music blog, BitCandy.   

Speaking of Simon Le Bon and “The Chauffeur” and how pop music can be brilliantly smart...check out this amazing song and piece of poetry from Duran Duran here.  

Oh tip of the day: Stay away from Kat Graham for your and your families own safety and coolness integrity. 

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