10 Best New Tracks - PopKiller Week 23 2012





That’s right our BitCandy LA music blog kicks off this post with a picture of iTunes gift cards (for purchase) besides a Pirate Bay gift card for $0.   Speaking of which...do you know the music business has just gone though and “might” be coming out of it’s “great depression?”  Yes for superstar / big artists, recorded sales have declined 80-90% in the last 10 years!   Holy donkey shit.  That’s the same amount of decline that happened to the greatest stock market in the period from 1929-1933.  But fortunately...maybe...the music business have figured it out.  Maybe Spotify will be the savior.  


And you know what else is changing?  That’s right boyfriend...Pop Music.  BitCandy’s PopKiller column is all about changing the shitty pop music played on commercial readio...Pop Music can and should be about coolness, edge, originality and smarts back to pop music...like in our Internet Radio!  So on that note...we present the 10 best PopKiller songs of the week!   Enjoy these guilt free alternative pop goodnesses.


Bad Girls (Urban Noize Remix) - M.I.A.  



This does everything a remix should do...it takes you somewhere fresh and exicting and shows the song in a totally different light.  If i was a Professor or Remiexes...Urban Noize team get an “A.”  


No Curfew - Skizzy Mars



We posted this up many days ago but I am truly compelled to include in our best of PopKiller...Skizzy’s gonna take it further than Kendrick Lemar, Mac Miller, Childish Gambino and alll the others that don’t how to make a little something important called...choruses.  Bwazaahhhh.


Headphones - Little Boots



Some nice PopKiller vibes here with Little Boots.  When is her new album / project coming out?  


Tube Top - Electrocute 



Electrocute is part of our 15 Track Indie / Indie Pop Summer 2012 Compilation which you can get for free right here!  


Climax (Them Jeans Remix) - Usher



Hey Sucka...those are mighty fine “them jeans” your wearing. Rrrrrrrr.  (overheard in Eddie Murphy “Raw”)


Ghost Beach - Miracle (Viceroy Remix)



Do I love just about any Viceroy Remix?...yes i do!  Bam!


Adventure Club - Rise & Fall ft Krewella 



On one hand this could and probably will be in our Electro “Best of”...but it belongs here in PopKiller...because this is OUR kind of pop!  Edgy, hard, pushing the boundaries...and it is the new pop...you’ll see.  Rumour is the major labels are starting to sniff around Krewella.  


The Hood Internet - Fuck With Mo' Money (Ma$e x Diddy x Biggie x Penguin Prison)



Oh Hood Internet...you always find a way to my heart...and the only mashup dude that always delivers and makes the end result of two or more songs as exciting as the originals.  


K’Naan “Hurt Me Tomorrow” 



Is Ryan Tedder (who cowrote/produced this song) on fire or what?  Between singles on B.o.B., K’naan, new Maroon 5 coming and also a big feature on a rumoured big EDM track...this guy is a hit machine.   New track from K’Naan starting to get pop radio ads.  I like it.  


Come back and visit LA music blog, BitCandy, next week my sweet love...in the meantime feel free to drop in on our Best Weekly Indie and Best Electro Weekly....We’re filtering the music and blososphere 100 crappy songs at a time to bring you the shiny gold.  


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