PopKiller - Best of the Week (8 Tracks)



Well...It was inevitable but today my Hulkshare account just got deleted (sniff...me sheds a tear).  But that’s what happens when you upload every song Justin Bieber and N*Sync have ever recorded.  (Kidding). 

But this is actuallly good...we need to get artists and songwriters paid for their works...So note to all bloggers...the idea of posting Mp3s is coming to a close.  Ideally, one day the music we post at our LA music blog, BitCandy, will already be on Spotify and Itunes or some Google Music thingamajig and you can get it for free there by streaming.  Gone will be piracy because it will be online for free or your monthly paid service.  I think we’re getting there.

Exciting times ahead.   (Of course BitCandy DOES pay for music and have licenses for our Internet Radio stream which you can listen to here!).

Now on to the music.  The best PopKiller tracks of the week!  Not ass cheesy pop that your little sister listens to.  But some cool alternative, electro leaning pop shit...like what we have below (and haters you can hate but 1 Justin Bieber song we actually really think is good.  HINT: It’s from the producer of Active Child...I know...WTF!).


Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

As a runner up to the Swedes...you have to give it to the Canadians rocking out the indie and electro (in this case Metric and MSTRKRFT).  Take off, ay … hoser!  (sorry I had to throw in a McKenzie Brothers reference there).


Emma Louise - Jungle

More of this please!  Great pop song here presented in a great singer/songwriter setting compliments of French Kiss.


Blaqstarr - She Is Love (Deep South Rework)

Sampling The Cure believe it or not...really crafty too.  Predicting this one will get some traction.  


Krewella - One Minute

I’ve said it here a couple of times...keep an eye out for Krewella.  THIS is what we think today’s pop music is...and radio is too scared to play this as a pop song...thought they have warmed up to Alex Clare and “Too Close.”  In the meantime...we’ll just keep Krewella our secret.  EDM with songs.


Justin “Fucking” Bieber - Thought Of You

Oh Jesus Christ … am I doing this?   OK...Don’t hate!   Listen …. While I'm posting Japandorids...at the same time...I do love great pop.  And do you like Active Child, Theophilus London, Major Lazer, Charli XCX and Usher’s “Climax?”  Look no further than Diplo’s right hand man Ariel Rechtshaid who along with Diplo is behind this one.  

And BTW...Justin is a genius because he totally ignored his stalker (you know the girl that accused him of boning her and fathering her child)...by writing a song about her.  Nice!


J. Cole ft Trey Songz - Can't Get Enough (Schoeny Remix)

Banger!  Thanks ThisSongSlaps for spotting this one.  Because my Hulkshare is jacked...i’m going to reference your shit!


Usher - IFU

“IFU” as in I’m Freaking You.  Oh, if you’re looking for an R rated version don’t worry.  One of my favorite tracks that I think could likely be a single on this solid Usher outing.  

Oy...so thanks babe for visiting BitCandy!  And drop by next week as we bring another filtered installment of the best creddy pop songs on LA Music Blog, BitCandy.  Have a good wekend and hope you have some sex.

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