Best of PopKiller Week 31 2012


 LA Music Blog BitCandy have scanned the blogosphere for the best pop songs of the past week! So pull the plug on your Top 40 radio station and tune into this bad assery instead! Afterwards, you will deserve a gold medal in good music taste. You're welcome :).


Usher "Climax (Dave Sitek Remix)"

Sick remix from TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek! If you’re a fan of Sitek, then you should hear what he and Parks and Rec's Aziz Ansari did together on the RAAAAAAAADY side-project. This track “AAAAAAAANGRY” is awesome... correction... AAAAAWESOME.


Dunson "Weapon"

We won't lie – we hate mixtapes. They are nearly always a) done by dudes ripping other people's shit off to build a fanbase or b) full of Z-cuts to wind you up for an upcoming release. Sorry, but we think Don Henley had a point. That said... here is a surprisingly awesome cut from Dunson’s The Investment mixtape, which you can get for free here.


Nikki & The Dove “Under the Bridges” / “In Your Eyes”

We love Swedish synth duos. So it follows that we love Nikki & The Dove. Here are our favorite cuts from their debut album, Instinct, which, oh hai, you can stream in full here!



J. Cole “The Cure”

J. Cole samples Watch the Throne's "Lift Off" (featuring Queen Beyonce) in “The Cure,” which is available for free download, yo!


Youngblood Hawke "We Come Running"

Here's the debut single from Youngblood Hawke, who, oh yes, finally got signed! FYI, we first featured them as a New Find way way way back in April #humblebrag.


50 Cent "New Day (ft. Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys)"

50 Cent has taken time out from promoting boxing matches (-rolls eyes-) to drop the debut single from his forthcoming album, Street King Immortal. “New Day” features Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys, who has lent Fiddy her new track. “Empire State of Mind Pt. 2,” anyone?


Snoop Lion "La La La (prod. Major Lazer)”

Here is the first single from Snoop Dogg's new reggae alter-ego, Snoop Lion (no, you are not on acid, this is really, actually, genuinely happening). Production is courtesy of Diplo's Major Lazer. Just... listen...


Tulisa “Live It Up (Perry Mystique Remix Extended)”

Okay, so, Tulisa is a musical travesty most of the time, but we actually love this remix of her song, “Live It Up,” courtesy of Perry Mystique. It's a big ass banger!


PSY “Gangam Style”

Ending on the best video of the day/week/year/ever. Oh my fucking GOD we love K-Pop! Redfoo has some serious competition right here! Actually... can we request a LMFAO and PSY collab and STAT?


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