Best of Alternative Pop (8 Tracks) Week 34 2012



Hey y'all its your favorite pop tart...well country pop tart, Taylor Swift * (not the real TS) writing the guest post at BitCandy's Weekly Best Of PopKiller.


I'm soOoOOOoo surprised BitCandy asked me...yes me to write this post!  Mostly I’m surprised cuz BitCandy only posts the best of alternative pop, indie pop, mashups and hip hop...not the silly songs I usually write...but hey, I'm super cool and have my creddy side  so that's probably why I got asked...right?!


Anyway here's some credible pop stuff that's way cooler than my pop country sugar cakes...from my favorites I totally have on my iPod like: Kid Cudi, MDNR, Robots with Rayguns remixes and more.  You’re my heroes...


Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen


Ellie told me once in Skrillex's room that she wish she could sing like me.  What do you think Skrillex remixing Taylor Swift.  It could happen.  No, it's GOING to happen!  


Donnis - Absolutely feat IAMSU & Jay Ant FREE Download!



Fools Gold nails it with this great track from Donnis.  I'm gonna ask him to be in my next video.  Taylor Swift featuring Donnis...what do you think?  


Nelly Furtado - "Parking Lot" (Radio Edit)



What’s that?  A new Nelly Furtado song that doesn’t suck?  True.  Not a bad one at all here from forthcoming Nelly F (but still not a hit).  In other words...Nelly don't think of trying to inch me out of a the #1 slot.  Plus you're from Canada so we all know that puts you at a disadvantage.   


Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank) 



Out of all the new rappers i.e. Childish Gambino, Kenrick Lamar, Skizzy Mars, Azealia Banks, Danny looks like Kendrick is the one that might actually be having a real chance of having a hit.   I bet Reba McEntire $10 bucks on that one...she put her money on Azealia Banks...oops!  Reba you never could pick rappers.  


Call Me Maybe (Robots With Rayguns Remix)

One of our favorite remix teams re-transforms this tasty pop gem.  And oh’ve seen “Call Me Maybe” Chat Roulette?   Awesome.  I love bearded men in flashy bikinis.  


Kid Cudi - Just What IAm (Ft. King Chip)



My suggestion for Kid Cudi?   Get back on that liquid cocaine.  You write better with it.  (track compliments of


Kitten - Cut It Out


This sounds like Lana Del Rey with Katy Perry in a blender...for me to drink for a breakfast protein shake...bitch!  Cuz when you're Taylor Swift you eat everyone for breakfast.  But seriously I like it.


MNDR - #1 in Heaven



Here's another artist more credible than me that thinks because she put a #1 in the song title...that she can inch me out of my #1 smash.  Sorry Mandy or Mandar.  But I like your song.  I listen to it while I count all my money.   


Kreayshawn - Go Hard (La.La.La)



I'm worried for myself because I might actually like this.   It looks like Kreayshawn is finally emerging with a song that does not entirely suck.  Or at least a pretty great video (Awww...I wish the whole video was her with Mickey Mouse hands).  Big radio ad this week for ya Kreayshawn...but not bigger than me..."We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" #1 Most Added at Pop Radio, BITCH! (said like Jessie Pinkman).  


Draonette - Live In This City (Heren Remix) 


Oh FUCK. Just what I need...another Canadian trying to move in on my pop crossover turf.  I better call Martin Solveig to do my remixes to keep my market command.  


Well...yeah.....There y’all have it 10 new cool pop stuff way better than my own songs!  Now if you excuse me, I have to get back practicing my "oh my Gosh I can't not so fucking believe I won this award" moves and poses.  Yours truly...Taylor Swift *


* not the real Taylor Swift. 

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