Best of Videos: Week 33 2012


Yo, bitch! Uh, sorry, too much Breaking Bad. Anyways... welcome to LA Music Blog's Best of Videos column! So we are not saying these are the best SONGS on the blogosphere... you can find those here: Indie / Electro / Alt Pop. But if you want the best VIDEOS of the past week (plus some bonus retro treats), well you are in the right place, bro! Indulge your eyeballs (and earballs... and actual balls) below...


Animal Collective "Today's Supernatural"

Clown pianists... go-karting monsters... flying dismembered arms. It can only be a brand new Animal Collective video!


Florence & The Machine "Say My Name"

So where’s The Machine (aka Isaballa Summers... swoon)? And hey, isn't this video a little “over the top” for a so-called “organic” singer-songwriter?


Talking Heads “Burning Down The House”

A vintage treat! The imagery here is amazing! The suits... the small child crawling over David Byrne... the morphing faces on asphalt... the road to nowhere complete with David's face in the passing lane strips. It is just so fucking weird... but so fucking great (and 30 years ahead of Animal Collective).


The Presets “Youth In Trouble”

The Presets... causing epileptic seizures wherever they tread! From the new album, Pacifica (out 9/10 via Casablanca).


Azealia Banks "Van Vogue"

So I admit, the song is absolutely fucking forgettable. But ya gotta give it to Yung Rapunxel – she sure is stylish.


Skrillex "Bangarang (ft. Sirah)”

Not new, per se, but I still love this video from Skrillex, which continues that “kids gets their own back on crazy adults” theme previously seen in “First Of The Year (Equinox).”


Peaches and Iggy Pop “Kick It”

Back to 2004. You know I never miss an opportunity to teach some Peaches... especially if that includes Iggy Pop! A punk ass video for a punk ass song!


Ellie Goulding "Anything Could Happen (Instagram Fan Lyric Video)"

1200 pictures were shared by Ellie Goulding’s fans to power this awesome lyric video.


Japandroids "The House That Heaven Built"

Most of the time, tour montages are lazy, thrown together at the last minute by a label as the artist doesn't have the time in their schedule to do a decent music video. But, surprisingly, I love this one from Japrandroids, which perfectly captures the raw energy of Celebration Rock.


Spice Girls “Wannabe”

And in honour of the London Olympics closing ceremony... actually, in truth, this video is only here because of Scary Spice’s scary nipples. Oh and the fact that I LOVE long take videos! Before Simon Fuller dismantled our mentality with American Idol, he put together the Spice Girls. He should be kissed or slapped or both. Did I say that pop CAN exist on snobby indie blogs ala BitCandy?


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