We don't know about you, but it's been a tough month for us so far. Christmas is long gone. We've already given up on that New Year's resolution of ours. Oh, and the weather freakin' sucks! Music helps us during times like this. But not just any music. Only the most bitchin' shiz on the entire blogosphere! Speaking of which, here's this week's Best of Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out.




best indie

“Now the blogosphere is done with their 'Best of' lists and repeatedly telling us what a life affirming experience Modern Vampires of the City is, we can all get back to focusing on the stuff that really matters, like masturbating and this week's best indie songs. Big up to the Curators who helped me out with this week's pickings from Silversun Pickups, Anna Calvi and Vampire Weekend, ironically...”



top dance songs

“January is not the best and brightest time for EDM. All the DJs just worked their heart out to finish the year out right. Now it's time to hibernate and produce something huge for Ultra or Coachella or EDC or oh God I can't wait till it's festival season. Whatever though. If you good at music, good music comes out every single day. Here's some stuff...”



best indie pop

“When you've fully given up on the lameness of lamestream and want to feel that your music choices truly reflect your kinky hipster lifestyle, turn to us for a good time. We're back after a two week delay (drinking binge hehe) and ready to satisfy your musical appetite with some pretty lethal beats coming from Yonas, Mickey Valen, Twenty One Pilots, and a couple of other artists that you probably don't know about but should. And if by the end of the you find yourselves less than amused, here's a tip: become a curator here and slather us with your music. To the music...”




“As if you haven't heard already, tickets for Coachsmella go on sale today. If you get your pass, congrats I guess, and if you don't, let's hug it out to this week's best chillwave songs. Big up to the Curators who helped with today's picks from Koda, SBTRKT, Ryan Hemsworth and even more. If you've got what it takes to contribute to any of our weekly roundups, go and sign up to be a Curator...”


That's it for this week's Best of Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out, scenesters. Don't sweat it, though, as we're back with even more bitchin' shiz next Monday. If you think you've got what it takes to contribute to our weekly roundups, go and sign up to be a Curator! In the meantime, we're off to get that New Year's resolution of ours back on track. Oh, screw it, one more Bud won't hurt!

Love BitCandy xXx

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