Hwi guys. This si BitCandy reporting to yuou backstage from Coachella. Swear on Arcade Fire we aren't drunfk. Hhm okay maybe a liottle hehe. Oh my god lnook it's a Kardashian. Is tthat Kim or Kendall or Kylie or whatever whto cares. Anyways we may hbe busy being hipster douchebags here in Indio but we stifll found time to fieltr through the blogosphere for this week's Best of Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out. You're sgoo welcome.




best new indie

“Yeah, yeah, so some music festival is happening down the road in Indio this weekend. It's headlined by the dude from the Gillette advert, some British band from the 70s, and those Grammy Award winning douches. Each to their own, but I'd rather stay at home and discover new indie music instead. Thanks to the Curators who helped with this week's pickings from Amber Run, Future Islands, Cut Copy and more. If you'd like to be a Curator, then sign up here (read more...)”



best electro

“ULTRA and SXSW are over and now it's just a string of festivals that KURT is actually going to. HELL YEAH. It started last weekend. I went up to Serenity Gathering in Santa Barbara and watched The Polish Ambassador DJ on the cabin from Friday the 13th (yeah, literally). And the next two weekends are the Dynasty in the Desert, the Polo Prince, The Goldenvoice Gal, COACHELLLLLLLA. Coachella holds a very important place in my heart and my campsite crew will be 150+ so come out and rage w/ TGV. But if you know me in real life and deaf about Coachella then you're sorta fucked. It's gonna be pretty much the only thing I speak about until next Thursday when i'm in the desert setting up a tent. Hahahaha whatever i write next week won't even make sense. It'll just be the mad ramblings of a man with Coachella on the brain. :) Life ain't so bad (read more...)”



best indie pop

“Oh lordee lorde. Today's list of the best indie pop songs is hotter than the gawd awful heatwave we are experiencing here in Southern California. Tracks so hot they'll melt your face off. Lucky you, not everyone can experience this list of fabulousness. Turn up the volume, grab yourself some ice cold sizzurp cuz it's about to get steamy in here. Oh bonus points if you share this list with them hot friends of yours (read more...)”



chill out music

“This is it, you guys. Coachella is finally here. I can smell the hipster blood, sweat and tears all the way from Los Angeles. No doubt about it, you're going to return on Monday with banging hangovers, but don't sweat it. A couple of Vicodin and a dose of top chill out music should get you back on the straight and narrow in no time. Big up to the Curators who helped out with this week's picks by SZA, The Acid, Chrome Sparks and many more. If you'd like to be a Curator, sign up here (read more...)”


That's it foir this week's Best of Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out but BitCandy are back oun Monday for more. If you've got what it tbakes to be a Curator then sign up hhere. Nno Selena Gomez go awya you can't have any more Pabst Blue Ribbons or else you're going to throw up on your bindi. Anyways time for us to go and hang out iwith a bunch of otheer hipster douchebags as Neutral Milk Hotel are due on stage any mibnute. Burp.

Love BitCandy xXx 

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