This is BitCandy reporting live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles as it prepares to host the biggest night in music, the Grammys. As we type this, we're surrounded by condoms, botox fillers and a mysterious white powder, and that's just Lana Del Rey's dressing room! For more action from the Staples Center, tune into the Grammys on Sunday evening, or give the self congratulatory jizz stain a miss altogether and dig on this week's Best of Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out instead.




new indie music

“Things got off to a slow start this month, as the music world was still recovering from its holiday hangover. Now it seems that everybody sans Ke$ha has finally got their shiz back together, as super hot tuneage flies at us from all kinds of directions during this week's new indie music. Shout out to the Curators who helped me out with today's pickings from St Vincent, Surfer Blood, Wild Beats and more (read more...)”



best electro

“Hi Internet, how are you? It's your very dear and close personal friend, Kurt. I've listened to all of the songs that the internet popped out in the past seven days and compiled a bunch of soundcloud links into this organized list for your reading pleasure. This shit is about as well written as Thoreau, so pop on down next to your own personal Walden Pond (toilet) and give this shit a good shot. I hope that u like all of my picks, cause if you don't i'm going to be really sad. Last week u guys were really mean in the comments (there were none), so this week be nice, okay? Tell me these songs are great and I deserve the Nobel World Peace prize for bringing the world together with our mutual love of weird/chill/groovy dance tunes. Thank u so much in advance (read more...)”



indie pop music

“You know we live in troubled times when music artists are in the spotlight for their tantrums and bitch fights rather than their music. The web is so freaking dry. Curating music ain't easy, kids. Sleepless nights of hard drinking and yelling at your computer screen quickly sucks the life out of you. Miraculously we managed to dig up a couple of shameless danceable tracks for this week's edition of POPSMUT. Press play on the tunage below and enjoy (read more...)”



top chill out music

“Hey you, Friday. You're awesome, you know that? Not only do you mark the end of the working week (unless you work weekends, sucks to be you), but you're also the day on which BitCandy publish the top chill out music of the week. I hope you enjoy today's selections from Galimatias, Blood Cultures, Asgeir and more. If you do, let me know in the comments, but if you don't, sign up to be a Curator and tell me what the hell I should feature, asshole. I didn't mean that, please don't go (read more...)”


That's it for this week's Best of Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out, but we're back on Monday for even more. If you think you've got what it takes to contribute to any of our weekly roundups, sign up to be a Curator! In other news, Lady Gaga just got thrown out of the Staples Center after attempting to smuggle her way into the building in a Daft Punk helmet. Go home, Gaga, nobody cares! Anyways, we're off to steal something from Lorde's dressing room to put on eBay later today.

Love BitCandy xXx

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