This is Shia LaBeouf's paper bag, and I'm not sorry! Started from Walmart now I'm here. Here being on top of Shia LaBeouf's greasy ass head. Seriously, he hasn't taken me off for a fortnight. Not that I care, it's all free promotion for me. I don't care what this Sharpie says, I'm famous bitches! Being the most talked about paper bag in all of Hollywood, it's no surprise BitCandy invited me to present this week's Best of Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out!





“Ain't Nobody Got Time for Bad Indie Music. So that's why we bring you our top indie music discoveries each week. Our awesome Jess Grant has the week off, so that means I had to personally get out some pen and paper, cross reference BitCandy's Soundcloud, and BitCandy's YouTube and what we're hearing as the word on the street to bring you our favorite Top 10 picks of the week. We promise you this is put together better than an Olympics Media Hotel Room at the Sochi Olympics. Let's get started (read more...)”




“I am still supposed to start these posts with an intro paragraph, even if I don't have anything to say this week? The days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months and nothing significant happens in your life (riiiight?). So instead, I will make up some lies for your pleasure. My brother's dog ate a zip drive full of Afrojack songs and can't stop shitting itself. The Russians have won every Gold Medal at the Olympics this year. Very excited to see if Pussy Riot team can take the Gold in bob-sledding. That'll show them, it'll be like Miracle 2. Can we get Kate Hudson to play all the members of the feminist anarchist collective named after the freedom of the vagina? I truly believe that rabbits aren't real and that satan is. I can't stand anymore because I broke my own legs. I've never seen a movie. I hope you all are having separate but equally beautiful Februaries. I'm living mine like an indoor kid and going slowly crazy. Let's get into it (read more...)”



alternative pop

“Welcome back to PopSmut. This week feels likes it's flying by. Not sure bouts you, but I haven't been paying much attention to the Winter Olympics, no wait...haven't paid attention to them at all because I've been stuffing my head with much more important and wholesome things like catching up on all the happenings of the alternative indie realm and stuff. It seems the deeper we get into 2k14, the more solid the tunes. It's getting to the point where we might have two weekly doses of PopSmut. But for now, I'll leave you with the latest tuneage that you should be listening to. Scroll and play below (read more...)”



chill out

“Hey kids! It's your captain speaking. Welcome to Planet Bitcandy where you get what you want like all damn week. Every damn week. So put on those comfy joggers and stylish onesies and get ready to chill the f*ck out. Like seriously. HERE WE GOOOOOOO (read more...)”


That's it for this week's Best of Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out, but BitCandy is back with more music filtered from the blogosphere on Monday! If you think you've got what it takes to contribute to any of BitCandy's weekly roundups, then sign up to be a Curator. As for me, I'm thinking of pursuing an acting career of my own. I mean, if the Transformers franchise is anything to go by, Shia LaBeauf has as much talent as a paper bag! Call me, Michael Bay!

Love Shia LaBeauf's paper bag  xXx 

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When Jess Grant isn't writing on music, she can be found playing it – on her guitar, on her ukulele, and on her recently acquired mandolin. Playing it hideously, she ought to add. Jess also studies. She studies the English language, to be precise. Jess is currently on her way to a degree in the subject, and enjoys starting and never finishing novels, screenplays, and poetry in her spare time. She also likes dogs. Lots of dogs.