10 New Tracks-Pop That Don't Suck (Week 46) 2012


OMG!!! Can you believe it’s Wednesday? My fav day of the week, not only because it’s hump day, but also because it’s another weekly cracked out dose of LA Music Blog BitCandy's Best of PopKiller! To hell with all the Rebecca Black wannabes and Nicole Westbrook turkey leg singing, pudged face posers! I will never look at Thanksgiving the same.

Enough about that nonsense. We’re bringing you the best in our kind of pop! So put on your TOMS shoes and join me in a guilt free session of some real shit.


Twenty | One | Pilots - Guns For Hands (Live)

Personally, I’m in lesbians with the Ohian band. ‘Guns for Hands’ is proof once again that their tunes are spastically delicious. Pop-ish, reggae-ish, techno-ish, not sure what it is, but they seem to have found the perfect blend.


Ke$ha - Die Young

WTF? How did Ke$ha get on here? Oh that dirty little frado diablo worshiping rascal. One thing I will admit: I love to hate on her. Hey Kesh, this has already been done by BritBrit and in a much classier way, if you ask me.


Fun. - Carry On

A great song to listen to when you’re feeling low and blue. When nothing seems right and you’re all out of wine, Fun. will be there to see you through your gloomy mood. Carrying on...


Alt J - Fitzpleasure

Here’s a band who has no limits or boundaries when it comes to creating music. The video may not be the official, but it sure does seem to fit the band’s style = dark lyrics+distraught sexual acts = morbidly erotic!  And yes...this goes in our PopKiller section...coming to a U.S. radio soon (believe it or not!)


Rihanna - Diamonds

Hmmm....what a shame, Riris’s video falls short. It lacks a whole lot of everything. Looks like this diamond is still in the rough...or at the bottom of the coal pit.


Coldplay Paradise (Live 2012 From Paris)

Setting all personal feelings aside about the band who used to be cool, after watching this clip there is no denying Coldplay is still a beast. They sound great live! Makes you other boy bands, i.e. One Direction, look like little bitches.


Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More

2012 has been good to these boys. Awww, watching the video makes me want a pony for Christmas.


Shiny Toy Guns - Somewhere to Hide

There’s always a song or two in our weekly popkiller that makes me dance and spin in circles. This song has that effect. Major perk...I can sing along, thanks to the cool lyric video.


Mumford & Sons - Lover of the Light

Ooh, looky here, more M&S! I think this is a red flag for Grammy nominations. The Adele of 2012?


The Cataracs - Alcohol (ft. Sky Blu from LMFAO)

Ah, here’s the other song this week that makes me dance and spin. Hey, no judging. It’s a guilt free session, remember?

Now what kind of Popkiller post would this be if we didn’t include some extra bonus tracks? Just looking out for you guys. We wouldn’t want you to miss a single beat. Oh, by the way, one of the songs below might just cause you to jerk off to the beat. We’ll let you decide. Toodles for now. We’ll be back with more pop-gasms next week.


DJ Rhiannon ft. Clinton Sparks - "Nasty Bitch" (Trap Remix) (Official Video)


Atlas Genius- Trojans (Official Video)


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