Along with being one of the few ways musicians actually make money, live shows are also the rare communal experience that’s almost always great. Live music is the fuel that powers any true musical obsession.

We saw a veritable fuck ton of shows this year, but the one that stood out the most was watching the one and only PPL MVR tear shit up at The Echoplex in September.

For the uninitiated, PPL MVR are a Hollywood-based rock trio consisting of K-PO, SNWBLL, Q (they add a fourth member for live sets). They’re known for their yeti/abominable snowman costumes and dedication to the gag, their interviews consist entirely of grunts. There’s a number of theories around the interwebs about who exactly these dudes are, a lot of circumstantial evidence seems to suggest it’s actually the guys from Brand New. (If that’s the case, those disguises are really paying off right now.)

But we’re not here to play the speculation game. No, we’re here to pay tribute to the kickass performance these monsters put on.

The recipe for a good live show vary, but they all hit most of the same notes. For starters, it is a must to have striking visuals, which PPL MVR has in spades thanks to the aforementioned costumes and a projection screen rolling all manner of footage and stills during the songs.

Everyone involved with the band is a badass musician, which adds to the whole mystic, cause why go to all the trouble to hide your identity when your music is this good and shows this much fun?   

Along with highlighting songs you’ve never heard of or ones you overlooked, a good live show also needs a great cover, an olive branch of sorts to those in the audience not overly familiar with the band's music. PPL MVR delivered in a big way on this front with an off-kilter cover of The Pixies’ classic “Where Is My Mind” which will be seared into the memory of everyone in attendance that night.

Lastly, a good live show needs to be loud enough for you to have empathy pangs with your future self cause you know you won’t be hearing well in your old age after this. If a show can’t leave your head spinning and ears ringing, then it isn’t worth your time.

PPL MVR exceeds expectations on this front.

Be sure to check out PPL MVR, and you should probably set a G**gle Alert for their live shows. Angelenos reading this post would be wise to check out upcoming events at The Echoplex.

Cheers to seeing a fuck ton more shows in 2019.


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