SXSW 2013 Best Unsigned Artists - Pt. 2!


You smell that? Ah, yes, we’re days away from the free beer guzzling marathon taking place in Austin, Texas,...hmmm, oh yeah along with the hottest music festival in town. SXSW. DUH!  On Wednesday, BitCandy and the gang put out a list of the best 12 unknown artist performing this year at SXSW which you can also check here.

We could of slacked off and just copied + pasted Pitchfork or Spin Magazine’s “Must See Acts,” (Why?  Because EVERYONE has those same lists!) but frankly my darlings you deserve better than the pathetic & predictable “Seen them, Heard them, Almost Over it” list.

With less than a week away, we’re prepping and exposing your ears to artists you’ve maybe never heard of. We want to let you in on the goods before the ass pinchers (names have been changed) have a chance to shamelessly claim anyone of our discoveries.

We’ve decided to share with you the rest of our Best SXSW Unknown Artist picks that will be tearing up the ground over the next week and who everyone might be talking about next year.  And yes, we've listened to all 1400 + bands playing via the SXSW torrent!  You’re welcome. :)