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Hello, hello to a bigger audience of Guardians out there! It’s your K-pop girl Hannah here, but I’ve managed to jump right on over to We Are: The Guard’s weekly Best of TikTok! While your fyps are surely awesome and full of taste as they are right now, we're about to add some spice and shake 'em up with what’s good, worldwide! 2022 has been a non-stop celebration so far, from New Year to Valentines to the Super Bowl. And I seriously have never felt this reconnected to the world since the pandemic broke out two years ago! Now this is the power only Dr. Dre, Madonna, and Charlie Puth can hold. Check these out:



@nfl Still D.R.E so iconic #drdre @snoopdogg #pepsihalftime #halftimeshow #superbowl ♬ original sound - NFL

The trailer alone for this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show stopped the world from spinning. Whose jaw dropped with mine while all we could do was jump and scream sounds until the stage lit open. WHERE MY 90s BABIES AT?! The entire performance from “The Next Episode” to “Still D.R.E” slapped hard with nostalgia. Just the OGs Dr. Dre, Snoop, Mary, 50, and Em all in their natural swag, standing all on one stage killed the history of halftime shows. I can say my heart was beating just as loud as the crowd, who must’ve been having the time of their lives and I'm freaking jealous! Thanks to TikTok, the hype is staying like it’s your birthday! We gotta keep bringing the hip hop classics back!



@camilacabello #dropchallenge ♬ original sound - Atsuko Okatsuka

The #dropchallenge has been going on for quite some time now but last to drop fire on this trend has been Camilla with her Familia crew. Daaaaamn! Even after seven years, no dance track beats Queen B's vibe when it comes to killer bassline and drum beats. Intro alone has the world's most creative dancers dropping in construction sites, car shops, coffee shops, supermarkets, subways- you name it, asses be droppin' low.



@therock My name is Dwayne, but they call me…#ThatsNotMyName #WhatsMyMuthaFckinName ♬ That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings

I swear, whenever I see The Rock, my brain automatically goes, “IT’S ABOUT DRIVE, IT’S ABOUT POWER.” But thanks to this refreshing trend, this is outta my system and we finally got to hear British duo The Ting Tings again, after how many years! And of course by 0:32, he definitely sneaked his King Brahma rap into the remix. With the 2012 hit’s badass pop and bouncy beat, top Hollywood stars have enjoyed throwing back to their popular characters over the years. Dwayne The Rock, Will Smith, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner- yes please! Now that I've been reminded, I must binge watch some Jennifer after this.



@anjieluvsyou Been a Hot Girl since Day #materialgirl #valentinesmakeup #viraltrend #blackgirlmagic ♬ Material Girl - Madonna

And to more stunning transformations, the retro queens of TikTok are using Madonna’s “Material Girl,” or should I say “Material Gworl” to bring 90s vintage make-up, fashion, and filters back! A tiny bit similar to the Ting Tings trend above, we got a few creators editing now-vs-then clips of beautiful actresses from all over the world, including the original Material Girl, Alicia Silverstone aka Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Fave!



@apdsocial We may be late to this challenge but we always show up.#fyp #copsoftiktok #humanizethebadge #itsallcomingbacktomenow #babybabybabychallenge ♬ It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Céline Dion

Ooooh these cops snapped bad and the whole world is following along, using this song for internet randomness. The classic love song has everyone entertained at the moment, not quite to Celine amazingly belting out, but to hair-blowing in every possible way, to silly sleepover transformations, and to funny video clips that hit slow-mo once the dramatic “when you touch me like this” drops. Humans got humor! Did no one in 1996 see this chaos coming?



@irmadhanadita @Cafepastor ♬ Weak - yang hồ mầm non

Valentines has been over for almost a week now, but the love song “Weak” is still around for all the witty romantics out there. The trend is, they pretend to be casually just moving around, until the beat drops and words such as “I love you” or “May I borrow some cash?” appear in a not-so-obvious part of the frame, in hopes that your eyes catch the message. Larissa's cover of the SWV classic is super lovely with her very pretty voice, giving off the tingly-wingly butterfly feelings of crushing and falling in love! A perfect song recommendation to soundtrack your confessions!



@staceyryanmusic Reply to @_im_yaboy you REALLY liked this original so now I want to see some COOL #DUETS #originalsong #duet #donttextmewhenyouredrunk ♬ Don't Text Me Challenge - Stacey Ryan

Now for the singers, rappers, and songwriters who are up for it, this fancy open-verse challenge has been trending for a few months now. From the moment I saw this clip back in December, I just fell in love with Stacey and this minute masterpiece. If you click on the sound, you’ll be amazed scrolling through hundreds of versions from challengers ALL OVER THE WORLD. Her then piano instrumental was some light and soulful jazz that could fit in just enough bars to make you groove along, but is now a full song out on streaming platforms and features rapper Zai1k! Another TikTok miracle!



@altegomusic THIS ONES FOR @magicmikelivelondon #toxic #britneyspears #pony #ginuwine #magicmike #striptok #christmas ♬ Toxic x Pony - ALTÉGO

Twin DJs ALTÉGO are turning up the heat on TikTok with a hot, hot, hot remix of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and Ginuwine’s “Pony” and #dancetok continues to go wild. To everyone in search for club tracks, evening jams, hardcore mashups- this is the song you’re looking for. It's all about 'em hips and smooth body rolls. I'd date this remix for real. Not only are creators using this sound for dance challenges, but for that funny "What's Your Red Flag?" filter as well.



@nianaguerrero you know the vibes ( dc: me ) #onewithnatalia #fyp ♬ Give It Up - Niana Guerrero

Before the pandemic, Niana Guerrero’s been featured dancing with world class choreographers like Matt Steffanina, but today everyone follows her lead on #dancetok and that’s a fact. Even K-pop group TXT tried this trend out! The 80s disco pop hit “Give It Up” used to have the Sunday radio vibes for me, but now groups of families and friends on TikTok are dancing along. It's amusing! To those into R&B, you’ll also enjoy her new moves to Ne-yo’s “Because Of You.”


after class energy

♬ Because of you by - NiñoCeniza



@charlieputh #duet with @mistermainer I’m this dog. #lightswitch ♬ Light Switch - Charlie Puth

And to close off this week’s Best of TikTok, here’s one we should all know by now- Charlie freakin' Puth’s sensational “Light Switch.” Beginning September last year, he teased us a lot with TikTok shorts of him making random sounds with random items at home, most probably from his quarantine era. Produced all together, the song was released by the end of January and will remain as my go-to party-with-my-dog-at-home song for the rest of the year!

That’s just about it. Dr. Dre is on queue for now while I go binge watch some movies we’ve been reminded of. So, keep scrolling with me because we’ll never know what’s coming! Till next week’s Best of TikTok, Guardians!

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