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Hey ya there, Guardians! Sending love, hope and prayers to everyone out there during these trying times. Here we are, back on the app, the app that spreads awareness of what's going on halfway around the world, the good, the bad, and just what we need in between- the music to calm us down whenever we’re feeling overwhelmed. Which songs still share sparks of joy? Which songs can we just dance and laugh along to? We Are: The Guard got you!



@noahbeck queen @lizzo ♬ Oui - God is good

Queen Lizzo is spreading millions of smiles while she attempts this cute dance challenge to Jeremih's "Oui." The light R&B track from 2015 has this magic to it with its angelic harp effects and simple yet catchy trap beat. It's surely a mood-booster that'll lift lots of weight off your chest. And while we also conclude #BlackHistoryMonth, We Are: The Guard is happy to keep #BlackTikTok alive! Btw, Lizzo's NFL fashion is everything!




Chưa mua sắm được gì mà lo đú trend @xuannhii__ @kieudiemxt ##xotit ##teamxotit

♬ Clap Snap - NanayMitchay

This song isn’t just for school assembly exercise or old ladies’ zumba anymore, because “Clap Snap” is for all of TikTok now and no one can judge us for hopping along the #ClapSnapChallenge! The family-fun dance track shares nothing but good vibes, simply super healthy for the TikTok environment. Kinda reminds me of “Hoedown Throwdown” and “Cha Cha Slide,” you dance what you hear, then add your own game into each step. Like these gals, who seem definitely fun to do groceries with!



@motokimaxted @Jamie Big Sorrel Hor ♬ Say it Right -

Despite the hundred thousands of creatives-slash-comedians joining this viral trend, I have no immunity from laughing each and every time I scroll to see this legendary, mystery bathroom man. He appears and my day is made. It's just you know, this man knows how to pick a jam and Nelly Furtado’s "Say It Right" from 2006 is too iconic. And whoops- I just found him hitting a mix of “Promiscuous” and Ari’s “Motive,” yasssss.



♬ motive x promiscuous - elfixsounds



@swxvy.14 it’s ok to unfollow if you’re scared #emo ♬ emo girl - Machine Gun Kelly & WILLOW

Here we go from “Material Gworl” to “Emo Girl” real quick! Now who said that pop punk is dead and that emo culture was just a phase? MGK has stood up to those rumors, grabbing WILLOW along, and these two just won’t stop throwing surprises every now and then. I’m quite shocked and sad at the amount of hate towards this collab on YouTube. Thankfully TikTok is here to the rescue because all these parodies ironically give the song some good light, actually! We got a real performance right here.



@flavortown It’s been a long journey to #flavortown ♬ Motion Sickness - Phoebe Bridgers

Speaking of emotions, #EmoTok is also manifesting this alternative rock song from 2017, “Motion Sickness” by Phoebe Bridgers. I love how comforting this track is, in and out of TikTok. Use this song to look back on your life and reach out to your younger self. Would 10-year-old-you be happy and proud of who you are today? A lot of inspiring reflections are being shared under this TikTok sound. So pass the tissue, please!



@lily.ting Reply to @_suze__ butterfly, flames, rose #art#sketch#sketchbook#drawing#lineart#doodle#artist#tattoo#onelinedrawing#rose#flames ♬ Forever - Labrinth

Not only has Labrinth been scoring HBO's Euphoria- it turns out "Forever" soundtracks many lives here on TikTok, too. Precious moments with the family, quiet me time, adulthood stories and so much more. Consisting of just 3 words "I'll live forever," we can all agree that this almost lyricless track speaks with Labrinth's echoing vocables and deeply emotional synths. This soft side of TikTok hits hard.



@fearsupply #babyllama #positivity #MakeItGucci ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

Wait, I know that this is a music blog and out of the millions of clips under this sound, I just had to pick a 7-second video of a five-hours old llama! But who can resist this little guy! Anyways, TikTokers catch the essence of this Sunday track, “Love You So,” which is a lively mix of rock and doo-wap. It’s great vlog music by the way, if you're searching for an enjoyable soundtrack.



@trinityjallen Free tutition? #illinoisstateuniversity #doitforstate #greenscreenvideo @barstoolillst ♬ Major Bag Alert (feat. Migos) - DJ Khaled

Need cash? #MoneyTikTok and some DJ Khaled are the way to go. New and outrageous ways to hustle can be found under this trending sound. To name a few, I've noted "Travel Nursing" which I never knew was a thing but plan to research on, "submit a mystery crime documentary to Netflix" because uhm, yes this is smart, or "bumping into a University Bus for free tuition"- funny, but hopefully no one gets hurt!



@iam.joshuagarcia but you know i stay HAHAH #fyp ♬ Ginseng Strip 2002 - Yung Lean

I must’ve been living in a cave when "Ginseng Strip 2002" came out in 2013, because fans are saying that this is where cloud rap all began and that Yung Lean was already ahead of his time. Well, the Swedish rapper is doing a great job today spreading the swag and summoning all the hotties from East to West, first being Filipino actor Joshua Garcia, followed by K-pop idol TXT’s Yeonjun. To this song and to everyone dancing, y’all are a mood.



@aidafi3 Dc by me #treasure #dararichallenge #teume #fypシ ♬ DARARI TREASURE - ︎

Here's a new song for #vlogtok! The treasure maker fandom is winning after K-pop boy group Treasure’s first few wins for their latest comeback, “JIKJIN.” Funny enough, it’s the album’s B-side “Darari” that is taking over TikTok's algorithm right now. The romantic R&B track first captured the hearts of creators while filming afternoon dates and picnics, until this cute DJ choreo circulated like fire over the app. Congrats to Treasure, we love you boys!

Well, I hope that even just for the past few minutes, I’ve kept you in good company! You can always count on We Are: The Guard for the best song recommendations to take you away for the while. So keep scrollin’ with me till next week’s Best of TikTok, Guardians! Stay safe!

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