Best Videos of the Week!


Gangnam style won't go away, a dude who looks like Mr. Bean Lance Armstrong-ed his mountain bike naked, just some of the fatty sentiments we've digitally cut from pop-culture's side here to provide you with the meat, the tuneage world's musical video gifts unto the world as of late, week number 42. Stay smart. Eat your BitCandy. Nom, nom, nom:


Miike Snow - "Pretender"

Swedish electro-indi-pop heroes bring back their alien character with the Steisand-nose and magic dancing shoes, befit him in leather chaps and send him off into his first concert experience, in which he largely a sad dancing alien, until he wises up and lets the tuneage enter his brain.


Chairlift - "I Belong In Your Arms (Japanese Version)"

Proof that karaoke is going to take over the world, one, indie, heart, at a time. The story goes that lead singer Caroline Polachek took a piece of her Tokyo upbringing large and decided to pay homage to the Japanese green screen machine in tandem with the drop of the Japanese version of Something. Guitarist Patrick Wimberly however, was roofied for the shoot.


Elders react to dubstep:

Yes, it's a cheesy reaction montage of old people being old via dubsteb's mainstream poster-child right now, Skrillex. But you're only as old as you feel, right? And some of the choice sentiments expressed by these people quantified as old are pretty brilliant, i.e. such new labelings as "electronic nonsense," "Jackass in a bottle," "Metallipurge." 


Ariel Pink - "Wait For Kate"

Never underestimate the power of a gold-sequined robe. Or the caverns of Ariel Marcus Rosenberg's lo-fi neon-striped cassette tape warblings turned into your worst cabin-fever, cross-dressing nightmares. Otherwise, it's probably the best song the dude's ever written.


Grizzly Bear - "Yet Again"

Who'da thought, it'd be indie rockers who put the cool back in figure skating? Only problem is, there was at least one figure skater psychotically harmed during the making of this video, taken from her ice habitat and placed into the loneliness of suburbia, in which she naturally freaks, the fuck, out!


Moon Duo - "Sleepwalker"

The notorious King Khan stars in this Bay-area duo's 80's aerobic craze turned man-eating cult. Drugs are taken. Sweat beads are formed. Leotards are stretched. Psych-rock beauty is made.


Eric Prdyz - "Call On Me"

It's a palette cleanser video for gratuitous tits and ass. And a moment in early millennial club culture forever burned into your spank bank short-term memory. Here's an example of a video single-handedly making a song tolerable...and unbelievably awesome.  For those chicks that think i'm politically incorrect...suck it! 


Discopolis - Lofty Ambitions

Very cool and weird video that was brought to our attention by future Curator SophieFox!



So goes the part where we asked you what you've learned? More than the forever goodness of tits and ass, of course? We will accept, "a wee bit," the meaning of "Metallipurge," and "Japanese people like karaoke." Or you can try again next week.


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