Best Coast Return!


Summertime returns full throttle with the release of a new Best Coast track today (June 14th), via the Adult Swim Singles Program.

"Gone Again"  will form part of the TV network's annual MP3 giveaway, with Mastodon, The Rapture, How to Dress Well, Ne-Yo and The Tallest Man on Earth amongst others also set to unveil free tracks.

Adult Swim - the team behind those "zany" comedy shows including "Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!" and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" - have also teamed up with director Daniel Garcia in order to make the video, which features women dressed as (wholly unsurprisingly so, given Best Coast front woman Bethany Cosentino's obsession) cats, shooting confectionary at helpless dude targets.

There is not much to say of the track itself, beyond the fact it's typically Best Coast. Teenage angst lyrics referencing weed, kittehs and heartbreak ("I just got high / but I know that you're gone again / I know that you're gone again / The cat's awake / He won't give me a break / I wanna go back / But I know it's too late"), melancholically layered over some chiming, simple guitar chords - the hooks are instant, bright, and while progressively static from "Crazy for You"-era material, this dose of surf-pop is too damn endearing to not enjoy.