Best of Electro Bangers (10 Tracks/Downloads)


Hello ladies and gents.  Welcome back to the best of electro bangers, latest music tracks, remixes and mashups.  Uncle Flex here, drinking wine out of a box. Yea, that’s right, box wine because I’m classy as fuck and poor as dirt. Meanwhile, Glitch bathes in 15 year scotch (um it’s Glitch here...Thanks Uncle Flex but I prefer Aniverario Rum for my pimp showers).


Anywayz...We’re sure to provide more EDM excitement here in this fine week 14 of our Lord, so come on over, slap the bag, and get ready for a hangover cuz here come some more electro bangers. 


Dada Life “Kick out the Motherfucker (Vocal Radio Edit)”

Is there finally a vocal mix to this already epic instrumental?  Yes there is!  Well, motherfucker...!!


Gemini “To The World”

After a week in Miami hearing way too many bleeps and blurbs it’s nice to finally hear a vocal hook. 


Naeleck “Zombies Ate My Head”


Shiny Metal Dream (Empire of the Sun vs Breakbot)

Mashups make me smile.  Empire of the Sun vs Breakbot = even BIGGER SMILE. :) 


Rusko-Skanker *New Album Songs out now!*


Datsik - “Fully Blown (feat. Snak the Ripper)”

What R2-D2 sounds like on drugs. 


Kris Menace “eFeel - feat. koweSix”

The album drops April 4th. Check it out - sure to be a pleasure. 


Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner “We Own The Night ft. Luciana”

Don’t let Tiesto touch your steak!. Like anything that he touches, this is a bit overdone. I can only assume that bitchin synth line belongs to Wolfgang. 


Skrillex - “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Torolla & Electrode Edit)”

Better than the original?  What do you think? 


A-trak “Piss Test feat. Juicy J & Danny Brown”

And that's what we got for this weeks Latest Music Tracks.   Check back next week where we taste out the bathing properties of Belvedere Vodka.