Best Electro Bangers (Week 15) 2012


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!  Uncle Flex and Glitch here, bringing you fresh new electro banger dance tunes once again from LA Music Blog, BitCandy. The sun is out here in LA which means there’s only one thing to do: start drinking, pass out on the beach, and get a wicked sunburn. What I’m trying to say is, follow Baz Luhrmann's advice or you might end up like Glitch - looking like a well done lobster.

So grab your favorite ghetto blaster, hit the beach, and always wear sunscreen, cuz here’s BitCandy’s skin-singeing electro picks of the week.

Starting off the set list with a few dub inspired track we have a remix of "Brand New" with Adventure Club Dubstep stamping their smegma on it.


Brand New - daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Compliments of, one of our fav blogs.


Knife Party - ID | Full

New Knife Party track - The original sample for "I’m Mad As Hell" from the classic movie "Network." 


AFX "Flow Coma"

An oldie but goodie from 2001.  Unbelievable arsenal of electro...This one has everything but the kitchen sink.


Forekast - Never The Same (Original Mix) -- FREE DOWNLOAD

Easy going prog house


XXXChange - “Bounce” EP Preview

Our good friend Alex (aka XXXChange) brings you a preview of his new EP...from the man behind Kele’s "Tenderoni" and Amanda Blank "I Might Like You Better."


Figure - Must Destroy (Forekast's Doomsday Remix) -- FREE DOWNLOAD


Dragonette - Let It Go (Laidback Luke Remix)

That’s all for this week. What did you think of it?

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