Best New Songs - Filtered for May 2011


Yes Yes...drop your linen and start your grinnin (hmm...I heard that in an Aliens movie from Bill Paxton I'm pretty sure)...Here's BitCandy's favorite Top 10 songs from this month that may or may not have found their way to you and your sexy tablet, Ipod or smartphone.  And how do we know you're sexy?  Don't worry...We know. 

Oh and by the way for those whom are more electronic and beats driven...make sure to check out our "Best Of Bangers Week 19" presented this week with amazing new tracks from Avicci, Steve Aoki, AC Dubstep, Zedd, Calvin Harris and more.
But getting back to more indie vibations (and yeah,  indie songs you can actualy sing!) mentioned here are a few BitCandy favorites we've come across in far...filtered up to you just like a tasty little omelette:
"Helplessness Blues" - Fleet Foxes

"Do It Again" - Holy Ghost

"Up Up Up" - Givers, our pick for 2011 Grammy for Best New Artist.  Coming from the same label and taster maker Daniel Glass (Glassnote) that brought you Phoenix, Mumford & Songs, Royal Bangs & Two Door Cinema.  Givers blow the roof off.

"Make Some Noise" - Beastie Boys.  Great single...hmm, not much follow up though in the album.  We'll see if they can "Make Some Noise" or just B sides.

"You Are A Tourist" - Death Cab For Cutie

"On A Train" - Yusek, there's a lot of buzz happening for Yusek and a dude who has been buzzing quite nicely in the music blogs.  

"Losers" - Belle Brigade, check this band out...they're like a 2011 Fleetwood Mac. Midlake comparisons here...not even close.  Belle Brigade if properly nutured have the opportunity to be the real deal. 

"Ceiling Of Plankton" - Givesr, in case you haven't noticed, we can't get enough of this band.

"Mirror" Thom Yorke & Burial.  A great combination?  Yes.

"Confetti" Cold Cave, it breaks our hearts (kinda) that there wasn't more noise about this Cold Cave album.  Get your Goth Pop meets Cure for 2011 on especially with "Confetti"