Best New Tracks: Cee Lo Green - Anyway


I don't get it. Is River Cuomo cool these days? I mean, it's widely accepted Weezer have sucked since the 21st century, but, isn't it more of an endearing sucking, full of irony and fat men from "Lost" (see "Hurley" cover)? And "Pinkerton" still means he's viewed as some sort of unquestionable indie icon anyway, no? And does the fact he is penning songs for Katy Perry, Adam Lambert and Cee Lo Green nowadays alter said indie cred?  Not to mention his recent guest feature on teen tart Miranda Cosgrove!  Does any of this even matter? All I know is the Cuomo co-wrote new Cee Lo track "Anyway" is freekin' tops. Nice to hear Green tapping a dancier direction too, word?

"Anyway" forms part of the "Platinum Edition" of Green's "The Lady Killer" (because Atlantic Records messed up the 1st release with so many crap songs). The track will be released as a single on December 12th.