Ladyhawke Returns! "Black, White & Blue"


On March 16th, New-Wave-Zealander, Ladyhawke, will drop her second album, Anxiety. Going on what ya fav LA Music Blog, BitCandy have already heard, this album is going to be absolutely A, peeps!

Lead single, "Black, White & Blue," is all about slowly descending into insanity, with Pip declaring "But this is real life, oh no," before a blowout of synths and scuzzy guitar thrust us directly into the fat chorus which announces oh yes, the Hawke is BACK ladies and gentleman!

And here is the just released official video, y'all!

And we're not done yet! Today, we're also treating you to two remixes of the new single: a dreamy re-imagination from Brit-duo, The Big Pink, which sounds like it was cooked up in a deep sea submarine, and more upbeat mix from Punks Jump Up, which propels Ladyhawke into some serious nu-disco territory.

And topping off today's post, a nostalgic number from Ladyhawke's 2008 self-titled debut, the never-gets-old "Paris is Burning."

We missed ya, Pip! 


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