Best New Tracks: Nicolas Jaar "Colomb"


This time last year, Nicolas Jaar dropped his debut and one of the most alluring records of 2011 -- "Space Is Only Noise." BitCandy are currently revisiting the feng shui album track, "Colomb," in an attempt to chillax post-holiday madness.

Percussive clicks, dripping water and vocoder French -– it reminds us of Sigur Ros' transoceanic trips, James Blake's dub and Radiohead's 15-step ambiance, all further intermingled with the sorta music you hear in one of those darkly lit shops that sell incense sticks, wind chimes and sinister smelling herbs...

Another great one is "Problem With The Sun."  

Nicolas also has a side project called Darkside and you definitely want to check this new track "A1" which is bubbling.

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