Best of Electro Bangers (10 songs)-Week 33


Ahh it's that time, Best of Electro Bangers on Bitcandy.  But before we get started...Imma gonna fill u in on some spirited muso intelligentsia arguments recently.  The question electro, dance and dubstep already over?  Is it saturated and has the genre maxed out?   And here's my opinion...not by a long shot. Electro is the new rock and roll.   I think we're just getting started.  

I mean, if you look back in music history...there's a "sound" that identified the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s (definitely), 80s (big time), 90s (kinda with alt grunge rock) and i'm not sure what the last decade represented...oh yeah, corporate dick music mediocrity! (Thanks Tommy Mottola and Clive Davis!)   The next decade (my prediction) s going to be "artist lead"...and I really believe the electro, dance and dub sounds is going to down in the history books as the sound of the decade.  Looking back it will be our generations disco. Haha.  We'll have to see.  Check back in 2021 from your IHologram.  

Let's get started with Week 33 of Best of Electro Bangers on BitCandy!  
"The Way We See The World (Tomorrowland Anthem Instrumental)" - Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nervo - This track just builds and builds and washes over you...damn i wish I was on the dance floor right now.  Also look out for Nervo's project coming out later this year.  Their two sexy Australian twins who wrote the Kelly Rowland smash "When Love Takes Over" 

"Professional Grievers" - Deadmau5.  New and loving it.  

"Hey Boy Hey Girl (Far Too Loud Re-fix) - Chemical Brothers and Far Too Loud on the same track.  Can't complain about that.

"Zoology" - Knife Party feat. Skrillex

"Rolling In The Deep (Samples VIP Remix)" - Adele.  Just when you've heard "Rolling in the Deep" for the 100th time...and yet another 20 different remixes and mashups...the last thing we need is another remix.  EXCEPT THIS ONE from Samples VIP, which is ace!  Everyone else...please step away from the "Rolling In The Deep" remixes!  Please.



"Figaro Fist Pump (Jersey Shore Italy Promo Song)" - Mustard Pimp.  Damn that guy took my name.  I was so going to be known as Mustard Pimp.  There's still room for DJ Ketchup.  And there's always room for jello.

"All I Every Wanted (KleptoMaddox Remix) - BassHunter.  You know this song is based on the classic rave jam "Pretty Rave Girl"  Check it on YouTube here.

"Flashback (Millions Like Us Remix)" - Calvin Harris.  

"In The Dark (It's the DJ Kue Remix)" - Dev.  Hey, can someone someone someone drop Dev and the Indie Pop Records guys a note.  FIRE DEV's Stylist and Video maker...really.  This video on this song is atrociously yet deliciously bad.  We did a piece on it which you can read here.  Liking the song and the remix though.  

"Seek Bromance (Cazette meets Ash Vocal Mix)" Tim Berg.  Tim Berg is of course Avicii. The is like the national anthem of electro.  Salute bitches!