Best of Electro (7 Tracks) - Week 4 2012


Uncle Flex here with Glitch from the LA Music Blog, BitCandy to bring you another week's worth of creamy electro goodness.

We have some cool music to give to you this week most of which falls in the electro house category. First up with have "Sweet Dreams" by Chrizz Late. Unfortunately we only have a snippet so if you want the rest you'll have to pay, you pirating thief, you. This is an upbeat electro house song that will get your heart moving but not break the bank.


Our next track picks up the pace. Originally by Tim Berg, this song was remixed by Porter Robinson, then redone by Helium. This song gives you a pulsing techno beat and huge melodic lines.


"Cthulhu Dreams" Deadmau5 - Brand new Deadmau5 for any pussycats out there that like to "pounce-on-the-mouse"


A new release by Tom Moroca, "Hello" is a genre bending tech/electro/house track that has it all, from the grinding rhythmic bass to the robot chatter and a nice bass drop.


If you haven't stood up and started dancing yet, we're sure this will change your mind. Being released on the 27th we have "Valac" by Roevy (You Killing Me remix). The only way to describe it is dirty, sexy electro.


We have one more track for you, and if this doesn't get you moving nothing will. This Michael Woods remix of Funkagenda's "Shinjuku" is a great way to get the night going no matter what you're doing.


Lastly, your theme to the day is the classic breaks track, "Keep Hope Alive" by Crystal Method. No matter what you're doing, this will make you feel a bit more like a secret agent.

Until next time, stay safe and remember to use a spotter.


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