Best of Indie - Week 4 2012


Best of Indie - Week 4, comin' at ya, like a tiger, with a bad attitude and an empty belly. Uh... anyways... Scroll down to find seven exquisite indie tracks, hand picked from only the best corners of the blogosphere by your favorite LA Music Blog, BitCandy. Hey, you can thank us later for that rad party you'll now be pulling this weekend ;)!

Sleigh Bells "Comeback Kid"

On February 12th, Sleigh Bells drop "Reign of Terror," the anticipated follow up to 2010's "Treats." The duo have just unleashed the album's debut single, the cranked up "Comeback Kid." Y'can taster this slice of noise-pop lunacy (so perfectly described by the press release as "the sonic equivalent of a beautiful shotgun to the head") below.

Santigold "Big Mouth"

Having exchanged an "o" for an "i," Santigold returns this Spring with her sophomore album, "Master of My Make-Believe." The album's debut single, the bizarrely bombastic "Big Mouth," comes complete with a zany animated video which takes a subtle shot at Lady GaGa @ 1.25.

Crim3s "Fade"

On Monday, BitCandy introduced you to the occultist opiate EDM beats of Brit duo, Crim3s. If you haven't already ready (where ya been?!), immerse yourself into this couple's creepy cosmos via the ambient drone that is "Fade." Warning: May induce state of hypnosis!

Andrew Bird "Eyeoneye"

The ever-prolific Andrew Bird releases his new album, "Break It Yourself," on March 6th. If you're a big Bird fan (no, not a Big Bird fan), you may want to think about getting your mitts on one of the extra-special linen-wrapped editions of the album currently on sale at Andrew's website! In the meantime, stream the record's debut single, the chiming pop anthem, "Eyeoneye," below.

SBTRKT "Atomic Peace"

The blissed-out "Atomic Peace" is the latest track to hit SBTRKT's SoundCloud. This jam actually dates back to 2009, but was never released due to issues surrounding the clearing of the sample "Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio" from Mum. Three years on, however, and Aaron Jerome has finally been able to free this celestial treat.

Florence and the Machine "No Light No Light (Spector Ryan Gosling Remix)"

Hotly-tipped London hipsters, Spector, have just released a dark, crunchy remix of Florence and the Machine's "No Light No Light." We're not too sure how Ryan Gosling fits into all of this, but hey, he's cool, this remix is cool, everything's cool.

No Light No Light (Spector Ryan Gosling Remix)


Zammuto "FU C-3PO"

"F U C-3PO," which we can only ascertain is a stab at a certain protocol droid, has been circulating its way around the blogosphere for sometime now. You may have caught Pitchfork's recent write up on it for their "Best New Tracks" column (yeh, the Chicago cool-kids actually got it right for once). A curiously exotic voyage through cyborg vocals, chipper acoustics, bouncy bass lines and other sounds we are yet to identify, this is the first single to come from Zammuto's self-titled debut album, which drops April 3rd. Be ready!


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