Best Of Indie (6 Songs) Week 51

So, thanks everyone for visiting out little emerging blogs on music,  It's been a great year and looking forward to 2012 with hopefully even better music than 2011 had to offer.  Don't get me wrong...we had some great music offered up by some great artists...but I feel we had more "underwhelms" than "overwhelms."  Hmm...let's see if that change up for 2012. 


On that note for your entertainment, we have our Biggest Hyped Fails (aka Posers) of the year check out our page here for a full listing from 2011.   But enough of that dreck let's move over to the mistletoe and enjoy the last installment for the year of handpicked Best of Indie 2011, Week 51.


"As Young As Yesterday" Korallreven - Our favorite track from their new album "As Young As Yesterday"


"Blue Jeans (Count Ninjula Remix) Lana Del Rey - Damn, i gotta start following Count Ninjula.  Awesome Remixer name.  And just as good remix on lipstick critics fav Lana Del Rey.  


"Luppulagio" Sigur Ros - We're just getting around to loving this "motion picture" live DVD and album "Inni" from Icelanders Sigur Ros.  Just pick any poignant moments happening in your life, put on Sigur Ros and it's an instant "soundtrack for your life." can also get this track for free right from Sigur Ros by going to this link (in exchange for your email)

Lúppulagið by sigur rós



"Festival (Live)" Sigur Ros - more from incredible Sigur Ros. 

sigur rós: festival (live) by sigur rós



"All I Know" Joe Goddard - New track from Joe Goddard of Hot Chip...this is from the "Gabriel EP"...out now on DFA Records. 


"Islands In The Stream" Constantines & Feist - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers would be proud (um, because they were the 1st to record it).  



Here's the original from Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (written by Barry Gibb from Bee Gees btw)... 100% epic.