Best Mashups January 2012


Justin Bieber wants to touch it.  Yes he does...he wants LA Music Blog BitCandy's "Best of Mashups January 2012," just uploaded to Soundcloud's vaults. This month's hand picked playlist is sure to satisfy your mash up needs, with ten dastardly sexy sizzling cuts currently awaiting your sweet earholes.

Highlights include 3Lau and Acetronik's "Journey Without You," which features some "Don't Stop Believing" goodness interspersed with Usher and David Guetta; The Hood Internet's "Raining Bricks," which somehow galvanizes Gucci Mane with metal demigods, Slayer; and Mashup-Germany's insane all-star bonanza "Top of the Pops 2011 (What the Fuck)," which mashes together all the biggest hits to have come from 2011 (and we mean ALL of them).

Check out all ten tasty bangers below -- it makes us happy, it'll make you happy, esp if it makes Justin Bieber happy!!!


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