Best of Mashups: March Wrap Up


BitCandy's Blogs On Music pride ourselves on the ferocious filtering that we do for you fellow EDM fans! Well, what can we say, it is more than Madonna and her pre-Avicii "molly" jokes have to offer ya (right, Deadmau5?)!

Having listened to (pretty much) every mash up that dropped in March (that's definitely way over 100 + notable ones), we picked out only the dopest deep cuts. This months summary features Basic Physics, Carlos Serrano, The Hood Internet, Compson Sound and Viceroy, plus an extra-special finale from our new heroes, Super Mash Bros! Enjoy! And stay away from that molly!

Now here's where we would have put a streaming media player.  But thanks to my ongoing battle with SoundCloud and how Mashups are promotional files and aren't generally licensable...that can no longer happen.  So I'm 1 upping the game with the below little widget.  Have fun! 

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Last but not least you gotsta love the Super Mash Bros...check out our 2 favorites here that SoundCloud didn't like us to upload...hehe.  These guys are the underrated Girl Talk but maybe as good or better


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