Best of Mash Ups Vol.1


Ahh mash ups...the subtle elusive art form that didn't (really) exist before Garage Band, Pro Tools, Logic and other computer gadgetry.  Thank God for wave forms.  Thus the masters of mash up were born: The Hood Internet, Girl Talk, Titus Jones, DJ Tripp, DJs from Mars and of course Super Mash Bros, just to name a few. 

And no doubt the Mash Up has become a skilled art form.  I swear for every amazing, radilicious mash up ... there are 10 others that are just are donkey dicks.  So without further's part 1 in a 5 part series...some new ones and some classics:

Best Of Mash Ups Vol 1 !

Best of Mash Ups Pt 1 by BitCandy

And p to the s...Shout out to one of my favorite websites (soon to be yours too) that is kinda an online digital museum and curator for these taste goodies called Bootie Mash can visit them hear (watch your booty though)

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