Best Of Mashups Vol 9 - Start Bootie Shaking...Now!


It's another installment from our Blogs On Music today with Best of Mashups Remixes Vol. 9.  

And now for our treat of the day...cooked up and served up right...Mashups from Kanye West vs Notorious B.I.G., Flo Rida vs Swedish House Mafia, Breakbot vs Bruno Mars, and of course stellar mashup from Mashup kings: 3Lau, White Lotus, Kap Slap and The Hook Internet.  

Best Of Mash Ups Pt 9 by BitCandy

And If you're a frequent BitCandy visitor...then you might have noticed WTF?!...we just skipped Volumes 5-8?!. Well, we got lazy...not really, we've been working hard to get other parts of the site rocking.  So Instead feel free to visit our Soundcloud and follow us at to check out the other installments or oh hell I'll just put the links here :) 

Filtered Mashups Pt 8:

Filtered Mashups Pt 7:

Filtered Mashups Pt 6:

Filtered Mashups Pt 5: