Best Of PopKiller (9 Filtered songs)-Week 35


Welcome to PopKiller!  What's PopKiller you may ask?  Well, of course "killer pop."  You see...while on one hand we might be touting Surfer Blood and Neon Indian...we also LOVE our pop music.  Really.  Great pop music...we really believe is an art form and not a four letter word that has to fall under the guilty pleasure category.   But oh no, not just any stupid pop won't hear your silly niece or sisters pop music here cuz PopKiller Alternative Pop with an EDGE.  So let's get started with what came across our radar this week that we were loving via our BitCandy Filter:  

"Titanium feat Sia" David Guetta - the way great pop music should be, intelligent, dynamic, and oh...making you want to dance doesn't hurt.  p.s. I have $100 whoever has an authentic picture of Sia's boobs.  I know you girls want to see them too.  Here's also an amazing live video of "Breathe Me" from KCRW .  Stunning. 


"Seal It With A Kiss" (Peter Thomas Remix) Britney Spears - I suppose we're getting a little advance preview of what the next single is gonna be from Lady B.  This is cowritten/produced by Dr. Luke's new protege, Cirkut (previously of indie electro banger troupe Let's Go To War).


"Cheers (Drink To That)" - Avril Lavigne ... DOH!  I mean Rihanna.  This IS Rihanna right?!?  Meanwhile Avril Lavigne, The Matrix and Lauren Christy (original writers of "I'm With You" by Avril) get to take a very extended vacation (if they want to).  Great sample idea.  This song was cowritten by LP, who uber Lady Gaga producer Red One has signed.  1) She looks like a boy.  2) She's freaking amazing singer.  Click here for the video on YouTube.


"Love Is A Suicide" Natalia Kills - Lady Gaga producer Fernando Garibay teams up with new lady, Natalia Kills.  Killer singles on this album but wish the album was a bit stronger.  Here's the BitCandy review.


"Without You (feat. Usher)" David Guetta - next single off the (extremely good) new David Guetta album.  It's official, Usher is a disco artist.  Yet record stores still put his albums in urban/rhythm & soul.  Go figure.


"Wet (David Guetta Remix)" - so much better than the original.  From the Cataracs boys who brought you "Like A G6" and the team that brought you Dev.


"Gucci Goth" Kreayshawn vs Gang Gang Dance - The Hood Internet strikes again with thou exceptional mashup sir!


"I Just Wanna F (feat Timbaland & Dev) - David Guetta, Afrojack, Timbaland & Dev - DAMN!  This is maybe the smartest edgiest song of 2011.  I love the "A, B, C's..." especially when they get past E.  Well, at last Dev does that one.  


"Rain Over Me (Benny Benassi Remix)" Pitbull Ft. Marc Anthony.  What would we do without Italians.  No Ferraris, No deliecious food nor any exceptional remixes from Benny Benassi.  Love live Italians.