Best Of PopKiller (8 songs) - Week 50


Ola, Finally we got a fantastic assortment of tasty pop alternative and just great pop songs to post up here as "Best of The Week" on our BitCandy Blogs On Music.  So let's get started with the best popping up on the web.  


"Don't Stop" Foster The People - new single out on Foster the People. Kinda surprised they picked this many other better songs on the's at least 1 song better than regular lame-o commercial Top 40. 


"Born This Way" (Twin Shadows Remix) Lady Gaga - Funky bass, tambourine and a hot beat...what else do you need?  (oh i know...for Lupe Fiasco to stop sampling indie music, that's what else I need.  Lupe if you read this you can send me an email to ). One of the best / freshest remixes on Lady Gaga's recent Remixes release.


"Cockiness (Love It)" Rihanna - she lives up to her "dead eyes sex doll" pose on this new album with "Cockiness (Love It)."  Straight out of something you'd expect from Peaches. This is a fresh inventive piece of popness...even though the metaphor hits you over the head a little too hard (no pun intended).


"Top Of the Pops 2011"  We always look forward to the end of year mashup encompassing as many shitty good pop songs in one mega mix which turns out to be finally awesome in the sum of all parts. 


"Teleport 2 Me" WZRD - what else is there to say...this is the Chris Gaines type project of Kid Cudi (if you get that reference than you get a gold star).  But this a side project or just another Kid Cudi song?   WZRD is tipped as an alternative rock duo of Kid Cudi and producer Dot da Genius...but really...c'mon let's be real, peoples.  This is a Kid Cudi song.  Advance peak here of forthcoming album.


"We Are Young feat. Janelle Monae" fun. - What's more fun than losing your virginity?!  New group on Fueled by Ramen, fun., explore this lyrical and visual topic in this a) great song and b) great video.  Look out for this band to be relentless in 2012.  



"Red Dirt" Kernkraft vs Jay-Z vs Game - Aren't mashups great.  Too bad they can't blow you. 


"Turn Me On" David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj - next single to get fun and cheesy on the dance floor with David Guetta.  Fortunately French law mandates mandatory retirement soon so our days of having to listen to David Guetta are limited.  

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