Best Of PopKiller - Week 8 (9 New Songs/Downloads) 2012

In this installment of BitCandy’s PopKiller (aka seriously awesome pop music aka best of new alternative pop aka not that silly shit your 13 yr old sister listens to) we get new jams from Rihanna, Usher, a Deadmau5 Foo Fighers remix, Gotye remixes and more.  Let’s get started.  


Rihanna & Chris Brown “Birthday Cake” (Remix)
Hannibal Lechter and Rihanna reunite for a scrumptuous pop jam with way too many bad metaphors.  For example...Rihanna out of context tells bad jokes: “Take a Bite of This” (really??), “Lick The Icing Off” “Blow My Candles Out”  “Put Your Name On It.”  So where’s the part in the lyrics “My wife is so fat...when she sits around the house...she really sits around the house?”  And then of course Chris Brown just gets to the point when he “enters” the song.  “Girl I want to fuck you right now.”  Yes, that’s the difference between boys and girls. 




Usher “Climax” 
Produced by Diplo and Ariel Rechtshaid.  Keep an eye on Ariel.  This guy is crushing it also in the indie world. (He produced the last Active Child album and has done the singles for Charli XCX and Theophilus London).  Thankfully Usher’s distancing himself from being a disco king. 




Gotye “Somebody That I Used To Know” (Jakob Liedholm Remix)
You’ll either love or hate this remix.   And then if you do hate it “I’ll be Somebody That You Used To Know” 




Niki & The Dove “DJ Ease My Mind (Jakwob Remix)” 
A great remix from an even greater song.  What happened with this Swedish project...seemed to have so much promise.  C’mon SubPop! 


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J Cole  “Grew Up Fast”
Maybe one of his best tracks / raps to date.  




fun. “Why Am I The One” 




“It’s Time” - Imagine Dragons 
Single from Imagine Dragons that’s picking up attention at radio.



Kid Cudi “Dope of Dopeness”




Foo Fighters “Rope” (Deadmau5 Remix)
 Quite Banging, quite frankly. (as one A&R person I know once said).  Finally, Foo Fighters don’t sound too bad at all.  




LA Calling “La Promesa”
In the Los Angeles unsigned category...I was sure this was a Depeche Mode cover...but No.  Something interesting going on here.  


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