Best Of The Blogs (9 Songs) Week 24


It's Monday again...and that can only mean one thing. New Releases from City & Colour, Fucked Up, Hooray For Earth, Washed Out and more. So here ya go, to make it smoother going while you do those TPS reports (or whatever you gotta do).  

Fucked Up "The Other Shoe" - to jump start your Monday with some punk.

City and Colour "Fragile Bird" - this band (actually basically just one dude Dallas Green), is quietly and gaining big momentum not just out of his Homeland in Canada but in US, UK and more.

Hooray For Earth - "True Loves" hmm this beat sounds a little bit like Cults, no? 

Hooray For Earth - "True Loves (Cereal Spiller Remix)" 

Thurston Moore - "Benediction" our favorite song from the latest Thurston Moore, singer/songwriter.

Washed Out "Eyes Be Closed" (Grimes Remix) - Loving Washed Out & even more the Canadian pixie lo fi indie girl Grimes...great remix.

The Weeknd "Rolling Stone" - still no record deal for The Weeknd?  Wow.

White Denim "Street Joy" - not sure what to make of this album yet but one of our favs here. 

Arnaud Rebotini "The Choir Of The Dead Lovers" from 1/2 of Black Strobe, Arnaud just put out his new album and not bad.  "The Choir..." is something you wouldn't expect from the same guy who brought you the electro rockabilly romp of "I'm A Man" which you probably heard in numerous trailers like "Inglorious Basterds."