Big Freedia goes even bigger on "Louder"!

Big Freedia, who’s signed to our associated music publishing company Brill Building, has never been one for subtlety. We're talking about the woman who organized the largest group twerk of all time, keep in mind. She's the Queen of Bounce, a style of music from New Orleans that helped popularize twerking and bring it to the masses. She's loud, proud, and in your face, and she intends on holding onto that crown.

In Pop Music/Culture, subtlety will get you nowhere. You gotta keep turning it up, getting louder and bolder, more ambitious, more audacious. Audacity and ambition Big Freedia has in spades, however. She's here to remind you with "Louder," featuring a special guest appearance by Icona Pop.



The video for "Louder" shows Big Freedia surrounded by a robed gospel choir and twerking fly girls, while money falls from the air and every kind of fruit you can imagine is smashed and rubbed absolutely everywhere. It's complete madness, total anarchy, in the best possible way.

The video's shot in a grainy, lo-fi VHS style. It says everything you need to say about Big Freedia. She doesn't need a bunch of special FX to slay. Give her an old school '90s style break to rap over and let her fly, and she will destroy. She is the queen for a reason.

We Are: The Guard are so happy to see Big Freedia getting the respect she deserves. She's been killing it in the underground for decades. She deserves everything that comes her way as she's only been getting better and better and better as the years tick by. All hail the queen!


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