We are women hear us roar … well more like hear us tear things up and light the ground we’ve walked on fire, screams the message behind the female duo BONES UK terrorizing single “Pretty Waste.” The just under three-minute track should cause fear to female oppressors as the main idea here according to the band is “We wanted to show that you can be feminine and strong and tough and angry all at the same time: You can be whatever you want to be.”

As a woman myself strong, tough, and angry is a dangerous concoction, a potion we carry inside and are waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. For the Rosie Bones and Carmen Vandenburg, they don’t wait for opportunities to fall on their lap, they just make it happen.

To compare their shredding style to the likes of Nine Inch Nails would be both a compliment and an insult. They share similarities such as making you feel alive and that your face is one decimal away from being melted, other than that BONES UK is rocking to their own beat. Listen to “Pretty Wate” below.


“Pretty Waste” forms part of the duo’s self-titled debut full-length, out July 12.


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