Bosco Delrey - Mad Decent's New Dude


There's actually not too much on line info about Bosco Delrey.  But it doesn't matter you basically just need to know 2 things. 1) He's on Diplo's Mad Decent label...which in itself you have to expect that this is going to be 'mad decent.' (we'll forgive you for the Beyonce single). 2) His sound is somewhere between a Jim Morrison seance meets rockabilly 50s meets all that you should expect from a modern Mad Decent record in 2011.  Bottom line...we like it...alot.  

Here's a SoundCloud of the entire album including a Free Mp3 of "Baby's Got A Blue Flame" compliments of Mad Decent.

Bosco Delrey - Eveybody Wah by maddecent

Our Favorites: "Baby's Got A Blue Flame" "Get Outta Dodge" "Glow Go The Bones" "Archebold Ivy"