Tim Halperin and Billy Van started Boundary Run to create lush, introspective, and highly emotive songs. Their latest offering, “Marigolds” delivers on all these promises.

Sounding like a pop-centric Bon Iver, or America’s answer to the High Highs, Halperin and Van craft a warm and inviting soundscape on “Marigold.” Some pleasant stings, lite synth, and gentle guitar plucking act as the backbone of the song. A tender and understated falsetto move the narrative along. It tells the story of lovers sharing a serene moment and how it invokes feelings of carefree youth and endless possibilities.

“She told me she believes in sunsets and simplicity/Making up the meaning as we go”  

“Marigold” manages to be cinematic in scope while at the same time feeling intimate and laidback. It feels timeless and nostalgic all at once. Find out for yourself below.



Boundary Run has slowly been trickling out music for the past year or so. Each cut is better than the last. Something more substantial and a tour should be in the offing, but for now, the two are content to let the project simmer. Patience is certainly a virtue, but it’s terribly inconvenient for those of us who want more songs to compliment “Marigold.”

Keep an eye and an ear on this duo. They’ve got a big year and a bright future ahead of them.


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