Like most things these days, the music of brakence is hard to define.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, 18 year old Randy Findell dropped out of THE Ohio State University two weeks into his freshman year. With a bio reading simply: "self care punk," Findell initially made waves in the ‘anti-pop’ scene, garnering praise and comparisons to the likes of EDEN and Jeremy Zucker.

The music Findell creates as brakence is firmly centered in the world of pop, but it combines elements of punk (duh), trap, EDM, and emo (dude is from the midwest after all). The timing of the release of his sophomore album, punk2, would be hard pressed to be much worse, coming out on March 26 of this year.

And though he can’t tour in support of his new record, that doesn’t mean Findell has spent the past few months dicking around. He’s back this month with “sauceintherough”, a sort of continuation and bonus track for punk2.

Produced by Dylan Brady of 100 Gecs, the track has a reckless and manic abandon to it.  “sauceintherough” is an electrifying, woozy, melodic, adrenaline rush of a song.

It’s a lot to take in, but you’ll be glad that you did.



“Sauceintherough” was initially teased on Instagram Live this spring. Fans believed the track was called “stylish” because of the opening line (and, presumably, because of Findell’s aversion to capitalization). The song’s lyrics also include a nice, super subtle, allusion to “Hand Crushed By A Mallet”.

In closing, here’s a timely reminder on the difference between juice and sauce that seems relevant to this song.

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