This is not a test. I repeat this is not a test. Bright Eyes, the 90s band that tugged at our hearts with their breakthrough album Fevers and Mirrors, is back and couldn’t have come at a better time. To be honest … it’s actually quite perfect that the trio released their newest single “Persona Non Grata” at a time where everyone could use a hug but because of restrictions we can’t.



There's a growing need of how many people are suffering from the effects of isolation. I for one am outgrowing my pants and regret being an introvert for over half my life. But Bright Eyes comforts us with the poetic lyrics of “Persona Non Grata.” Not that it will help in any way get you out of your blues, but it will sure make you realize that you're not the only one going through a crappy time and reflecting on the things you could have done differently … but at this point it might really be too late. Or is it??? Not to dig too deep but this song though it is filled with a shadow of sadness there is hope.

I mean not to dig too much into  these lyrics… but:
“Meets Ezekiel's visions
Saw a valley of bones
Where no man shall be saved”

Have you read the vision of Ezequiel? It is a prophecy of how God’s people felt desolated due to being captive but the valley of bones would be brought back to life and returned to their land.

We could really break the lyrics down since we have a lot of time on our hands, but Genius has already done that for us :) So instead of me taking a deep dive into “Persona Non Grata,” let’s instead play it once more and look ahead towards better days to come.


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