Busy P - To Protect And Entertain


I'm sure you many of you clubbers out there have seen this logo before and wondered what the hell BUSYPWTF is. Well, if you've heard of Daft Punk, Justice, or anyone on Ed Banger Records, then you have Busy P to thank. He started managing/programming the robot rock stars in his 20s and later founded Ed Banger, home to Justice, Mr. Oizo, Breakbot, SebastiAn, SO ME, and more, in 2002. While I'm always hoping for more releases from P, this one stands out as one of my favorite electro tracks of all time.

Featuring Murs, To Protect and Entertain catalogues the daily life of many of us in LA; just ask Glitch, it's all smog, record stores, and raves. Anyway, I don't really know how to describe this song, for some reason I want to say hyphy electo, but who cares, it's fucking sweet and I will listen to it til I die.

Hope you like it.