There is little to no information out there on Nashville-via-Central Florida duo The Careful Ones, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing their latest song "boys can cry too" til I’ve memorized every word.

A soulful song of mourning, “boys can cry too” tells the intimate details of two brother’s dealing with the death of their mother. It’s a raw and emotive track, in the same vein as Local Natives’ "Colombia" and Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell LP. Sonically it resembles that Bonobo track featuring Rhye and San Fermin.

The song begins with light guitar plucking and a falsetto so fragile it doesn’t seem real. The track remains minimalistic throughout, even though horns rise with the added weight of the chorus. The lightness of the organment arangement is contrasted with the heavy subject matter familiar to anyone who has lost a close family member.

This is ultimately a triumphant song about being broken by the world. Like the contrast between the music and lyrics in this song, there’s an inherent dichotomy to this sentiment. But it’s only through loss and sorrow that we know the true depth of love and joy, or so Kahlil Gibran would have us believe.

And this song gets that point across far prettier and more effectively than my words could. Hear it for yourself below.



According to the interwebs, The Careful Ones are “a group of childhood friends turned storytellers.” "boys can cry too" is the first track off their upcoming album, their first on Swamp Born, due out this year. In a statement, the band had this to say about the song:

“Each song is dedicated to a different person. This song is dedicated to my older brother as he endured the loss of our mother.”

Who could have ever guessed that based on the lyrical content?!?!?

Jokes aside, this song is really good and I’ll be eagerly anticipating their new record. So if you know when that’s coming out or have any other information about who these dudes are, let us know.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to listen to this song and feel things that can’t be described...


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