Most discoveries happen by accident. Columbus was looking for a shortcut to India when he landed on Hispaniola. Viagra was originally supposed to be a blood pressure medication. Play-Doh was intended to clean soot from fireplaces off wallpaper.

And last year when CD Rose wrote “Bad Habits” and included the line “I haven’t seen you in like, two-three weeks,” she wasn’t trying to write an anthem for a time in which human interactions were exceedingly scarce. There is the off chance she’s clairvoyant and this was all premeditated. But if she really is, that should probably be added to her marketing materials.

Shooting the video for “Bad “Habits” in a single room helps emphasize its newfound poignance. The scene begins with Rose sitting on the edge of her bed, phone and blunt in the same hand. It’s a setting we are all too intimately familiar with, or at least partially familiar with. “Bad Habits” is ultimately a song about introspection and coming to terms with the parts of your nature that seem to be at odds with the person you think you are.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to upend life, we’ve all had little choice but to sit in stillness and take an honest inventory of who we are and where we are at. Props to the young songstress for doing so on her own without the world shutting down and forcing her to.

Or maybe she is some sort of Oracle after all.



While no one is enjoying this awfulness, it’s good to know that CD Rose can at least make it look good.

Hailing from the Jamaican Plains neighborhood in Boston, the babyfaced artist in the infancy of her career. She’s only been writing songs for the past 3 years or so. And while her output has been modest, it’s of the highest quality.

You can find her music on most streaming platforms and her socials @cd.rose.


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