Cee Lo Video: Is This An SNL Bit?


I swear this new Cee Lo video "I Want You (To Hold On To)" works so much better as an SNL (Saturday Night Live) bit or short...I mean, where are the Lonely Island guys?!  I'm waiting for Andy Sandberg to show up at any moment.  

Anywayz...whoever decided to go with the video treatment should start working for a comedy show.  Immediately.  Great music videos?  Not so much. 

I mean a diamond encrusted tooth brush polishing a diamond wrist watch?  C'mon.  Even Cee Lo's first lyrical words of "Hey!" is accompanied with a look of "I can't believe I'm doing the shit in this video."  And maybe that's the angle.  But it just doesn't work.   
On the other hand this is like a JLO's "Jenny From The Block" syndrome.  I mean, Cee-Lo, I thought in "Fuck You" you were broke but now you're flossing total Liberace style? WTF!
Watch this video but pretend it's 11:50 pm on Saturday NIght and you're watching SNL ... much better viewing like this.