Best Chill Music - Week 26, 2013


This time next week, 'Merica will be recovering from the Fourth of July. That is right, there is less than 7 days to go until food, fireworks and the biggest f*cking hangover of the year, so far. Enjoy these final moments of chill while you can, because your drunk and ever humiliating Uncle Jon is going to be arriving, very soon. Thanks to our Curators who helped us out with today's picks. Did you know that you can be a Curator, too? To find out how that all works, click here, or tell us what chill music we should feature next week in the comments, below? (Artwork by Emmanuel Rosario.)


T.H.I.E.F.S “Restless” (picked by Curator Duffster)

T.H.I.E.F.S is a young producer from Britain, who is known to his Mum as Jack Wilson. He is in the process of writing his debut EP, The Tropics, which is due to feature the Usher sampling “Restless.” By the way, he recently opened his Facebook page and it is in dire need of your “likes.” Hint hint...!



Teen Daze "The Endless Summer" [Free Download]

It's 1:30 am right now as I'm writing this.  And I need some more wine to soak in the vibes. 

Lusine “Lucky (Steve Hauschildt Remix)”

Steve Hauschildt, formerly one third of the Emeralds, has transformed “Lucky” by Luisine, into this pulsating, synthentic number. Ssh, don't tell Jeff McIlwain but uh... I think that I kinda prefer this to the original, which is taken from The Waiting Room, Lusine's third album, on Ghostly International.


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Majical Cloudz “Bugs Don't Buzz”

Yeaaah, I first introduced “Bugs Don't Buzz” by Majical Cloudz in the Best of Indie, but I think that this video by Gordon von Steiner has a rightful place in this column. Oh and no, Grimes still did not send me here, bitch... “Bugs Don't Buzz” is lifted from Impersonator, which is out now, on Matador.


Porcelain Raft “Think Of The Ocean”

Okay, what is that dude staring at? I have like no idea, but whatever it is this video really adds to the already unnerving atmosphere, of “Think Of The Ocean,” which is taken from Porcelain Raft's, aka, Mauro Remiddi's sophomore album, Permanent Signal, due in August, on Secretly Canadian. Olé...!


Julia Losfelt “Away” (Curator Duffster)

Julia Losfelt's debut single hones those chilling vocals, swirling guitar loops and minimalistic sound effects, which first took us far “Away,” last year, when the Parisian artist released her ambient cover of “Mojo So Dope” by Kid Cudi.  I am very excited for the co-founder of Moose Records' debut EP.


Solar Year “Seeing The Same” (Curator Cassidy Rose)

Seeing The Same” has to be my favorite cut from Solar Year's debut album, Waverly... The Canada duo self-released the album on their own terms, last year, but it very recently got a re-master and re-release, on Ceremony. If you dig, then you should also watch the new video for “Global Girlfriend.”


Washed Out “It All Feels Right” (Curator Cassidy Rose)

This is another that I first brought the readers in the Best of Indie, buuut I think that y'all also dig on “It All Feels Right,” the first single to be lifted from the most honorable “King of Chillwave” Ernest Greene's, aka, Washed Out's sophomore album, Paracosm, which is droppin' in August, on Sub Pop.


Denitia and Sene “Trip.Fall.”

I am closing down this week's Best Chill Music with Denitia and Sene (thanks to our Curator Duffster for this great tip!), an electro soul duo who hail from Brooklyn, and who claim on their Facebook that they not only exude sexy through their music, they invent it... “Trip.Fall” is taken from the debut album, His and Hers, which is out now, on Input.


Denitia and Sene. “Breathe.Scream.Dream.”

One more, ladies and gents. Denitia and Sene's debut album is barely three months old, and they are already releasing new singles, one of those being “Breath.Scream.Dream,” which is kiiinda of like a saccharine XXYYXX, fusing dirge beats and lush harmonies. Wake me up for breakfast, tomorrow?


Uncle Jon and I are back with the very best chill music, next week! In the meantime, why not talk to us in the comments, below, or calm down and visualise the ocean?

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