Best Chill Out Music | 10 Vibes (Week 40) 2013


As the government continue the shutdown into yet another day, I personally invite them to check out this week's Best Chill Out Music. After all, if they quit acting like spoilt brats for just a moment, then maybe they'd resolve this shit a whole lot quicker! Anyway, thanks to the Curators who helped me out with this week's picks from Moby, Anna Calvi, Teen Daze and more. (Artwork by James Whitmore.)



Moby “The Lonely Night (Feat. Mark Lanegan)”

Moby's eleventh album, Innocents, came out this week, and it's gorgeousity made flesh. Check out the beautiful video for the penultimate cut, “The Lonely Night,” featuring the vocal great, Mark Lanegan.


Anna Calvi “A Kiss To Your Twin”

Sit back, relax and let the prog inflected sound of the British chanteuse, Anna Calvi, envelop you. “A Kiss To Your Twin” is the flip side to “Eliza,” the sexy video for which appeared in our Best of Indie.


Mist Glider “Flash Back”

Flash Back” is a unique journey through a primeval jungle, featuring exotic birds, soothing rains and other sounds of paradise, set against a backdrop of tranquil synths that'll alleviate any of your worries.


Sia “Breathe Me”

Sia, it was fun going to the movies with you “way back when.” I always told you that you could write pop songs, kinda like this from Colour The Small One, the devastating vintage classic, “Breathe Me.”


Oliver Tank “Different Speed (Prod. Ta-Ku)”

Do you ever feel the need to slow the fuck down? Take a listen to Oliver Tank's new EP, Slow Motion Music, featuring “Different Speed,” in which he cries, “Slow down world, you move too fast for me.”


Pascäal “Drowning In You”

Oh yes, “Drowning In You” is one of those types of compositions that falls into all of the right places, and hits all of the right spots. This is lifted from Pascäal's EP, Fragile, which you can blag at Red Eye.


Apparat “Light On”

Apparat is a German musician who claims that he's “more interested in designing sounds than beats.” This manifests itself on “Light On,” a grand slice of drone, lifted from the album, Music For Theatre.


Teen Daze “Alaska”

Alaska, the new home of Jesse Pinkman, at least according to Vince Gilligan. Let's hope he's taking it easy out there listening to Teen Daze's third album, Glacier, and making a living as a carpenter, bitch.


That's it for this week's Best Chill Out Music everyone! Time for you to get back to work, presuming that you're not employed by the government. Not that Obama's giving any fucks about the shutdown!

I got this.